Thanks all of you who have enter my first Miles Momma promo.  I’m excited to have you as readers and I look forward to providing you a wealthy of great miles & points deals that keep you busy.  I am really enjoying blogging about my miles & points knowledge and experience.  It’s fun to write about because it’s something I do everyday and I’m passionate about it; or should I say addicted to it!
Well, I will hopefully put the names together later today and have my littlest one draw the winner.  I say hopefully because I’m a busy Momma and you never know how your day will really go.  My littlest one is two which is a fun and a busy age.  So thankful he is potty trained now.  That was really not fun!  I can truly say I hate potty training.  Glad to have that behind me.  The oldest one is 7 and I homeschool him so that keeps me pretty busy too.  Then just all the normal things of a stay-at-home SAHM Mom, ( thanks fellow momma reader for this abbreviation tip – love it) you know soap operas and Bon Bons!!!!  Yeah right!!  That would be the life!  My days are full and crazy sometimes.  In fact, I’ve just been feeding the kids breakfast, doing the dishes, dressing the little one, helping with a poop, and eating as I write this post.  Just a little snap shot of my daily life.
So anyways, come back later to check if you’ve won.  If you didn’t, don’t be too sad!!  I’ve already got a fun holiday promo in the works for December.  A little hint:  There were be 12 winners!!!

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