Hello Readers,

Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be traveling to the Czech Republic this week.  I will not be available to answer comments or emails until I return August 30th.  If you are requesting booking services I will respond to your request as soon as I return and begin working on your booking right away.

I am planning to tweet and blog a little during my adventures for your reading enjoyment.  Hopefully if all my devices are working properly you’ll get some pics and and my perspective on Prague and some of the surround towns we will be visiting.

I’ll be traveling with my wonderful mother-in-law who I invite to join me on this getaway.  She of course was delighted to have another adventure together as we are great travel companions and get along very well.  Our last big adventure was in 2008 when we traveling around Italy for two weeks together.  It was marvelous!  My hubby is taking off vacation to be with my two little ones so I can have a “Momma Getaway”.  I have an incredible husband and I surely know it!  I haven’t been away from my littlest one ever but I think he will be just fine.  Both my boys are really looking forward to vacation with Daddy.  I have just finished making them dinners this past weekend so at least they’ll have some good home cooking from Momma while I’m gone.  Daddy is great with breakfast and lunch but dinner is a bit harder for him.

Anyway, you’ll still be receiving updated news and promotion deals as I’ve scheduled articles to run during my absence.  If I see anything come over the air waves that is super hot and time sensitive I’ll tweet it or send a quick post.

Hope you have a great week!

Happy Travels,


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