Special thanks to all you guys out there that left a comment with your tips for father’s traveling with children.  You made it hard for me to pick.  I went back and forth between a few but here is my winner:

Mark L.

“In addition to the Pack n Play tip I presented in the Mothers Day contest (shameless plug), I submit a Father’s Day tip for traveling with children.

At the end of the day, especially a long day, before setting off to your final destination in a car , plane, limo or train, change your child into his or her sleeping attire. You won’t gave to disturb or disrupt their sleep as you put them to bed.”

I always try to do this even when we are just going over to a friends for dinner and coming home late.  I’m planning to do this tonight as my littlest one boycotted his nap today and it’s going to be a late night!  Plus when I get home I’m already going to have missed half of Bachelorette and I really need him to stay sleeping.  You parents out there know what I mean!  This is my one weekly show that I just LOVE!  I don’t watch t.v. any other night except Monday!  So putting the jammies on before we get into the car on the drive home is a must do tonight!  This is a great tip that mother’s probably always think of but maybe not dads.  It really makes life so much easier when traveling.  People love seeing kids in their cute jammies too!  Why can’t we all just travel in them!  Well, if you fly First class (I don’t), most of the airlines will now give them to you.  The problem is I don’t wear jammies to bed!  Ooops!  Too much info on the blog!  Sorry!  I try to keep the personally details out of the post but sometimes they just slip out!   😆

I also laughed my head off at the next tip and decided I’d like to give a runner-up prize for this hilarious idea!  Would definitely keep the kiddos busy and entertained!!  Mike T. I’ll send you the $10 VISA gift card I was going to send if anyone had referred a friend that won!

Mike T.
“There’s a fantastic game called “kick, pull, scream” that requires minimal supplies. Simply go to a hobby store and find some “bullseye” stickers – that’s all! They’re easy to pack – which is great for Dad.

Once on board, apply the stickers to various spots on the seatback in front of the child and explain the game. Kick each bullseye, pull on the seat, and scream. The goal is to do this as often and as fast as possible.

This will keep the child occupied for hours!”

Mark L. & Mike T. can you both contact me with your mailing address.  I’ll put the cards in the mail tomorrow!  Thanks again everyone who entered!  Stay tuned on the blog for more giveaways this summer!  Something else fun is in my brain for the next giveaway!

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