Congratulations to Damian for being the randomly chosen winner of the Miles Momma Sweepstakes.  I wish I could have chosen the winner the “old school” way we (me and kiddos) did last giveaway.  Unfortunately, the number of you all entering has increased by like 6x.  With the launch of the new site, I’ve also setup apps and other programs I can use now to run contest and giveaways that really help make this process easy for you and for me.   I just click a button and the computer generates the random winner.  Not quite as much fun as drawing the winner off scrap pieces of paper with the kids though.

Well, Damien I’m glad we made contact today!  You’ll be receiving your $50 gift card in the mail within a few days!  For the rest of you, don’t be discouraged.  You’ll have more opportunities to win fun prizes as subscribers of the Miles Momma site.  I am hoping to run a fun contest or giveaway each month.  So stay tuned!  For the next fun contest, you all will decide the winner!  How about that!  Sound fun!  Got any ideas???

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