Well, I’ve got some big news I’ve been waiting to tell you guys.  I’ve waited to spill the beans many times but I just can’t help myself now.  I’ve been working on a new site for Miles Momma since December 2011.  I’m about ready to flip the switch and launch it.
Miles Momma will now be a complete miles and points resource site with the blog as just part of the site.  I myself have benefited from other resource sites out there but I don’t think there are enough in this hobby yet.  There are tons of blogs but not resource sites.  I’m excited about what I’ve created so far and I will continue to improve the site as time goes along.  I’m really hoping that you too will be exited and find it a great useful resource.  I think I’ve created a platform which will enable Miles Momma to continue to grow and develop over the years.
My goal is to launch the new site by May 1st.  I am hoping for a smooth seamless transition.  I don’t want any down time for you my readers.  I’ll keep you posted.  May is just around the corner.  I’m also hoping to run some fun giveaways during my launch week, so stay tuned!


  1. Stupid question, but the reason that I don't use my card as often is that I'm worried I won't pay it off each week/month, lose track, etc. I would have a lot more peace of mind if I could pay in advance and keep a running credit on my card so when purchases are made, I still don't owe. Would doing this negatively impact miles? Just want to make sure I'd still get credit for purchases. Just curious if you have any experience or advice. Thanks!

  2. No question is stupid. I hear you completely. First off. Once you make a charge on a any rewards related card you will earn the points. Second, I would recommend what I do. I have all my credit cards set up with online access. I make purchases daily and I keep receipts. I then transfer the money I spent that day from my regular checking account to my bill account. The money has now been spent because any money in that account is allocated to bills and other charges all of which are on rewards earning credit cards. Then once a week sometimes (sometimes more) make payment(s) on my cards. I pay my cards in full weekly. So when I actually receive a paper statement the only purpose to me is to file it for my records. This system works great for me and I never over spend. Each pay period, my husband and allocate a certain amount of money for 2 weeks into the regular checking and then we can see when it's spent based upon the regular checking balance. Like I said, the bill account balance is already spent money. We use a credit union which has no fees, so you can have multiple accounts at no cost or minimums. I highly recommend opening an account with a local credit union as your primary checking/bill accounts. Hope this answers your question and is helpful to you. Email me directly if I can help further. Remember no question is stupid!! 🙂

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