Just a quick post to thank all of you who showed up for the Chat Launch Party on Monday night.  It was really fun chatting with so many of you.  I’m very excited about this feature of my new site.  I will now be more available to you for quick questions or questions that would just be better answered in a live chatting format.  Some times questions via email can take quite abit of back and forth.  When you are chatting live you can share more information and quicker.  I am generally online every evening after 8:00 p.m. PST.  I am sometimes online during the day but no really consistent time to give you.  Hit or miss!  Afternoons are more frequent.   Busy busy Momma during the day.  After 8:00 p.m, it’s Momma time!!!  I am also still available through email if you prefer that as well.  Or if you need to pass a lot of information to me so I can read and respond.

Well, I have already made contact with my first three chatter! Congratulations Evan, Grace & Christine!  Enjoy your points/miles!!!  Thanks for joining in the fun!

Be sure everyone to register for the $50 Bed & Breakfast Sweepstakes!  It ends Sunday, May 6th @ 12:00pm PST.  If you don’t register, you definitely wouldn’t win!  I’m telling this to myself too.  I’m really bad about registering for promotions.  I always figure I’ll never win!  So I need to register for more sweepstakes too!  😆


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