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Today I am thinking more about my upcoming credit card applications and plan for my 1st quarter bonuses.  I’ve been reading a lot of other bloggers this month that are detailing the cards they are applying for.  I would like to ask you if you are interested in this kind of post.  I personally don’t think that my plan really matters too much to all of you since everyone’s needs and situation is so very different.   Some individuals may need more miles for air travel, some many need more points for hotels accommodations, some many need cash for spending money.  What your needs also depend upon where you are traveling too.  I like to just keep you updated on the latest and hottest credit card offers, give you the benefits of each card, and the detail the possibilities of how the miles/points earned could be used.  My goal is not to brag on what am I’m earning but to help you my readers continue earning and building your travel bank.
So that being said, I would really appreciate feedback on whether you would appreciate a post from me of this nature.  If yes, what information are you hoping to gather?  I’m more than happy to write my detailed plan and usage if it is helpful to you.
Secondly, I’d like you to know that I am always available via email to customize a plan specifically for your needs and travel aspirations.  Like I said, everyone’s need are so different.  Feel free to email me and let me know you’d like me to build an annual plan for you.  I provide this service free of charge because my hope is that you will use some of my site’s links when you choose to apply for specific credit card offers.  I have seen other’s charge for this kind of service which is really terrible since that’s like double dipping at your readers expense.  Ultimately, I am providing a service to you in my advice and the lender is basically paying me if you apply and become their customer.  It’s a win-win-win situation.  You are happy to learn more.  I’m happy to make a little money.  The lender is very happy to have you as a customer.  Of course, you are free to apply wherever you like but I do appreciate your support of my blog.  Also, keep in mind that when I am developing an annual plan for you I’ll always include the top bonus offers I’m aware of regardless if I have an affiliate link.  So some offers, may not be listed on my site and I will give you the lenders direct link for those.  I want you my reader to get the best offers available and therefore keep coming back to my site for many years to come.
Please leave a comment and give me your feedback on this topic!  Thanks so much for being a valuable reader!  I love hearing from you all!

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