Do you ever feel like you are alone out there as a mile and point junkie?  No family or friends understand what you do and why you do it.  They think you are just crazy.  Well you aren’t alone. Definitely not!  Many of us mile and point hounds converse and strategize in forums like Milepoint or Flyertalk.  But in the last couple years more and more physical get togethers have been happening around the U.S.  Some our just meetups posted in forums.  While others are bigger events coordinated by the owners of Milepoint & Flyertalk and other bloggers.  These conference/seminars are a great way for you to learn more, share your knowledge and just have fun meeting other people who love travel and collecting miles and points.  Last years Chicago Seminar even caught the attention of the media.  ABC Nightline did a segment on our hobby featuring mile and point blogger, The Frugal Travel Guy.  You can go here to view the segment.  Well worth watching.  It was so fun seeing our hobby featured in the news.

The Frequent Traveler’s University was just held in New York this past April.  Take a look at the website and the schedule here.  This will give you an idea of what a conference like this would be like.  FTU is also coming to the West Coast this year!  Finally!  I’ve been waiting!  All the details have not been released but we do know it will be held December 7 – 9th in Los Angeles.  So mark your calendars all you miles hounds!!  I will keep you posted as more details develop.  I am planning to attend and would love to meet any of my readers who can make it.  It should be a real fun weekend!

There is also the  Chicago Seminars October 12-14 in Elk Grove, Illinois which still have 43 seats available as of tonight.  You can learn more about this conference here.  You can book tickets by going to

This is your chance to mingle and network with oldtimers and rookies alike. Come meet the likes of Pudding Guy and Randy Petersen, Mommy Points and Daraius from Million Mile Secrets along with numerous other bloggers and experts in their fields of expertise.  If you haven’t heard Beaubo speak, you are missing an opportunity to hear one of the guys that goes to any lengths and has done it all to acquire miles and points.  This is the collection of the best of the best in our hobby.  Come meet them all.

This is an all volunteer, non-profit event put on by our gang, for our gang with the hopes of spreading the knowledge we all have accumulated.  Any left over funds will be donated to charity.  There will be door prizes and gifts by our sponsors listed on the registration page ”  by Rick IngersollThe Frugal Travel Guy

Then there’s MegaDos.  You might be wondering, “What in the world is a MegaDo?”  Well, I thought that too when I first heard about them.  A MegaDo is the ultimate frequent flyer adventure, where 150-200 enthusiastic folks get together, charter an aircraft, and go on behind-the-scenes tours of airlines and aircraft, while picking up swag and tons of miles and elite status along the way.

The last event, Oneworld MegaDO, sold out in under 20 minutes. But this year there’s a bigger plane which should accommodate more travel junkies and won’t sell out so fast.

Booking for the Star MegaDO 4 domestic charter flight is now open at You can book tickets here.  If you are looking for other meetups you can look on Milepoint – Meetups & Flyertalk -Community Buzz for so many other fun opportunities to meet other travelers all over the U.S.

Have fun making connections and hope to see some of you at the FTU in Los Angles.

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