merry-christmas_425547410Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!  Just thinking of you on this Christmas Eve.  The kids are in bed, the presents are all wrapped and I’m alone on the couch enjoying the twinkling lights of our tree and the cars passing by looking at lights.  I can’t wait to see the joy on my little ones faces in the morning.  I wanted to take few minutes though and send out a little personal note to all of you.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know I don’t often write on personal matters but stay on the topic of earning miles/points and the best way to build your balances.  I like to get straight to the meat and skip all that fluffy stuff.  There are plenty of travel blogs written by Mommies telling you about how to deal with a toddler on any airplane, how to fly with an infant, plan kid-friendly activities on a trip, and all that jazz.  As a mother of two that travels for leisure quite often, I obviously know a great deal about those topics but there is just so much content available online for families in that regard.  On the other hand, there is very little content available for families and average people on earning miles and points without actually traveling to do so.  So many mile and point bloggers are business travelers or travel some for work.  So therefore my number one goal is to bring you the top hottest deals to earn the most miles and points possible and build huge balances in your accounts right from the comfort of your own home or home town area.  

So I hope my posts this year have helped you build your balances to a new level that has enabled you to travel more than you ever did before.  The point of this hobby though is not the miles or the points is it?  It’s where the miles and points take us.  Even still, that is not truly the real point.  The real point is the moments and experiences we gain through being able to travel to places far away or to see family we love.  It’s what the miles and points enable us to do.  The moments we gain are priceless and have no price value.  You can not cost analyze the value of these moments.  Miles and points are only the vehicle to take us where we want to be.  I hope that you are with your loved ones, family, and friends this holiday season and cherishing these special moments.  If you aren’t and couldn’t make it this year to see them, I hope you’ll stayed tuned in 2013 so I might help you build some miles to get you there next year.  I know some of the most special moments in my life have been traveling with my family and friends or traveling to see them.  My hope is that you too will be able to enjoy those special times.

 I feel truly blessed this season in so many ways.  I wish all the best to you and your family.  I pray you will be blessed with everything that really matters in life which isn’t miles, points, or trips but people, relationships and moments you cherish forever!  I know the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen wasn’t any geographical location in the world but the face of my child or someone I love!  I’m sure you would agree this is the most beautiful site on the earth!  You don’t need to make it to 1001 greatest places in the world before you die to have seen the most beauty in life.  Just live and see the beauty every day wherever in the world you find yourself.  Love on those around you and count your blessings big and small!

God bless you all!  See you in 2013!  I’m signing off for a few days of vacation and time with my family.  I’ll be back soon and I’ll be bring you the hottest deals of the New Year.  The first of the year is usually so fun with hot new offers and deals.  Can’t wait for the fun!  Thanks for reading!

Happy Travels,

Faith Case
aka Miles Momma



  1. Dear Faith,
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
    Your kind tips and posts helped me to start this “mile game” and in a couple of months, I’ll be able to go visit my family in France – means the world to me!
    So thank you, thank you, thank you,
    And all the best for 2013 🙂

  2. Thanks Momma,
    Your tips and insights are always helpful and to the point. Hoping your family had an enjoyable Christmas and wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year

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