This post is primarily geared towards my grandparent readers but can also apply to parents or anyone who has a special child in their life that they would like to give towards their college education.  Giving in many ways has become so easy with the evolution of the internet.  If you have a minimum spend to meet on a new credit card, giving through GradSave might be a great way to work on that and give to that special child in your life.

I’ve recently come across GradSave, where friends and family members can give to a child’s education fund online easily with your credit card.  These funds can then go directly into their College 529 Plan or other linked education savings account that the parent has set up.  Christmas is a perfect time of year to give a little something to that special child in your life through GradSave.  If your kids or friends don’t know about it, share it with the so they can signup and have everything throw a little money in this Christmas.  The kids need the toys of course but something for the future is important too.  As a young parent myself, we are already planning for our sons college education and we have set up a College 529 Plan for each when they were born.  That was the easy part!  The problem is being able to contribute enough to actually make a dent in the cost of tuition when they turn 18.  We do the best we can but I love this new concept for family and friends to give to our children at holidays and birthdays.  So I’ve just sign up our children for a free account and I’m notifying all our family and friends.

Here is a little more information on the program.


GradSave is an online college savings registry that helps parents, family and friends save for a child’s future education. GradSave makes it easy for you, your family and friends to give the lasting gift of an education in lieu of traditional gifts at events such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. No more trinkets!


  • Register With GradSave

Sign up for a GradSave account and create a profile for your child, upload or import a picture from Facebook and add a description of your little one. You can also join our $1,000 challenge – the best way to kickstart your college savings and raise your first $1,000!

  • Share Your Profile

Once you’ve set up your child’s profile, it’s all about spreading the word via email, Facebook and Twitter. Encourage friends and family to give your child the lasting gift of education instead of another onesie or trinket at a gift-giving occasion. And if you’re shy about asking for the gift of college, see what other parents have to say here. Your kids will thank you when they don’t graduate college drowning in student loans.

  • Receive Contributions

Friends and family can give a gift easily via your child’s profile page (and they love that they are giving a meaningful gift). You can link your GradSave account to your 529 college savings fund at any time to transfer these college savings funds.

  • Track Your Progress

Watch your college savings grow as you get closer to reaching your goals. GradSave also lets you keep tabs on who’s donating to your child’s college savings plan, which makes writing thank you notes easier!

Parents you can also contribute through GradSave to your own child.  For more details, you can check out GradSave here and buy a gift card for your child or grandchild’s account.  There is currently a $5 off special offer running where you receive $5 off whatever gift amount you give.

BONUS OFFER – Save $5 on a $25 GradSave Gift Card

You can read more info on GradSave at but be sure to use my link to sign up and receive the $5 off bonus offer.  If you go directly to you will not see this bonus offer pop up when you go to purchase a gift card.  I am an affiliate, so that is why I have this special bonus offer link that is not displayed on the website. 

So have fun meeting your minimum spends and giving to the special kids in your life!  I’m going to be using my new Ink Plus card to contribute a little to my kiddos this Christmas.  Every little bit helps!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, that currently you’ll also receive a $100 bonus if you receive contributions of $1000 or more in 60 days from opening your free account.  So get the word out to all your friends and family so you might earn that extra bonus!!


  1. don’t trust these people (gradsave) they have taken over $500 of mine and refuse to credit it to my childs account

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