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Just wanted to make you aware that a few days ago I added a new page under the Credit Card section on the Miles Momma site.  I’ve created a master Credit Card Guide for your use and reference.  The goal of this extensive guide is to create a comprehensive and complete list of every rewards credit cards that is offered by any lender.  I know I may still have a few cards I’ve missed but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of cover all the major lenders and cards currently available to US customers.  I am working on completely the same extensive guide for my Canadian readers as well.  Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you.  For my international readers I’m so sorry that task is beyond my scope.  

I will be continually updating this list with new card offers as they come available.  If you do know of an card that is not listed please do me a favor and email me the card name so I can add it.  This list comprises all rewards cards from any lender whether they are point rewards, miles cards, cash back, or other incentive cards.  Some of the links on this guide our my affiliate links but many are direct lender links.  If I do have a affiliate relationship I will use my own link if not I will use the direct lender or source of the bonus offer.  I always appreciate your support when you link through the Miles Momma site for any product or service you buy or travel you book through my links.  It helps me keep doing what I’m doing.  If you’ve read my bio then you know that is my night time gig and my full time job is “Momma”!! 🙂

If there is a bonus offer available that is better than the offer available to affiliates I will put the link to that offer as well.  There are also times when I will need to link to a source and not provide a direct link because I am a lender affiliate an need to respect that relationship.  My goals is to get you the information so you can build your “travel bank”.

This guide started along time ago as my own personal list and I just decided to add to it and make it available as a resource on the site.  I hope you find it useful when you are searching for which credit cards best fit your travel and earning needs.  There are so many miles and points out there to earn it’s really endless.  Good credit is the key if you want to be able to grab all these free miles and points.  If you have good credit you are set.  If not, don’t worry I don’t think rewards card bonuses are going away anytime soon.  You have time to get your credit where you want it to be.  Remember your credit is one of the most important assets you own.  Take care it and it will love you back!  I can’t believe how much love my credit has for me!  It’s really mind blowing the amount of miles and points I’ve earned from credit card bonuses over the years.  My family would never travel the way we do if it weren’t for my credit and the free travel it has given our family.  Every dollar that is spent out of own family’s pocket goes on a rewards card of some type and gives us more free travel.  For more on how good credit equals free travel, read here and here

So check it out here and please give me your feedback on this post.

NOTE:  I am currently on family vacation from September 30 – October 12th and will not be able to respond as quickly as normal.


  1. Thank you for putting this together! The link to the US Airways Mastercard “free card” does not appear when you click. I have this card and there really are no perks and you only get 1/2 a mile for $1 spend. You may want to dig further on this card.

  2. Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Card 25,000 points $5,000 in 6 months Free ($65) · 10,000 Starpoints after 1st purchase
    · 15,000 Starpoints after min. spend of $5,000 in 6 months
    · OPEN Savings program benefit.
    · Costco – AEMX is the only credit card they accept.s
    Great Guide, dont have to look anywhere else. but I didnt understand the above comment on Starwood card “Costco-Amex is the only card they accept” if you would please explain.

    1. @Adnan – I was just stating that Costco only accepts AMEX and no other credit cards. They take cash, debit cards and any kind of AMEX.
      Glad you find the guide helpful. I know I find it useful for myself.

  3. Is the ritz 70 still active? Thought the 20-bump ended in July and it’s back down now to 50. Or am I wrong?

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