FINALLY!  Marriott has finally got on board with the Cash & Points option that many top loyalty programs already offer their members.  I was very delighted to read about this news and wanted to pass it along to you.

With Cash + Points, you can now combine redemption nights and cash nights within a single reservation of two or more nights. Plus, you’ll still earn points and Elite night credits for your nights paid with cash.


What is Cash + Points?

Cash + Points is an online booking tool that lets Rewards members combine redemption nights and cash nights within a single reservation of two nights or more. You will still earn points and Elite night credits for all nights paid with cash/credit card.

How do I make a Cash + Points reservation?

To book a reservation using Cash + Points, first check “Use Marriott Rewards points” in the hotel search box.  When the reservation form displays, select your room type/points for your stay of two nights or more.  Then select the “Use Cash + Points” checkbox.  A calendar will open for you to choose either a cash rate or a points rate for each night of your stay; you must include at least one redemption night. PointSavers will appear when available.

Will I earn points and Elite night credits for my cash nights?

Yes. As a Rewards member, you’ll still earn points and Elite night credits for cash nights; redemption nights are exempt from earning Elite night credits.

Can I combine cash and points within a night?

Cash + Points may only be used for combining redemption nights and cash nights within a reservation of two nights or more; individual nights must be all points or all cash.

Can I try combinations of cash nights and points nights before I book?

Yes. After entering your first combination, you may try others and then select “Recalculate your rate combination” to continue.

Based on your selection, if alternate rate combinations exist that may offer a better cash value, a better use of points or a better combination of the two, they will automatically display next to the calendar.

Do I still get my 5th redemption night free with Cash + Points?

Every 5th redemption night is free when at least 5 nights are the same rate (either standard or PointSavers). The redemption nights do not need to be consecutive.

Can I use PointSavers with Cash + Points?

Yes. When PointSavers rates are available, they will automatically appear on the calendar.

Can I use special rates with Cash + Points?

The Cash + Points booking tool will display PointSavers and exclusive member offers when available. Corporate and government rates, AAA and senior discounts will not appear.

Can I use Cash + Points with a package?

If you book a package, the package amenities may not be available on your redemption nights, but will remain in effect for your cash nights.

Bottom line, I’m very pleased that Marriott has finally got with the program.  I’ll definitely be looking to earn more Marriott points now that I’ll have more flexibility with the Cash & Points option.  Thanks Marriott for getting on board!

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