NOTE:  If you don’t know what the American Express Bluebird is, be sure to read my post here and learn all about the power of theAmerican Express Bluebird Prepaid Card.  The American Express Bluebird is a tool to maximize earning on the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus cards.  Without these cards the tool is useful for mile/point collectors (meeting min. spends, pay mortgage, rent, etc.) with other rewards cards but with the Chase cards it’s a earning machine bring in 5 points per dollar.

Today, I bought my Vanilla Reload Network Prepaid Reload cards at Office Depot.  Planning to pay my mortgage and some bills, I bought five Vanilla Reload Network Prepaid cards.  I loaded $500 on each at the register.  You can load $20 – $500 per card.  I paid of course with my Chase Ink Boldwhich earns me 5 points per dollar at all office supply stores.  Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus are the keys to the real score with the American Express Bluebird Prepaid card.

I rushed home of course all excited to load up my American Express Bluebird Prepaid card.  It was just as easy I expected!  So fun!


STEP 1:  Grab your American Express Bluebird Prepaid card and your Vanilla Reload Prepaid card.

Go to www.vanillareload.com

 Use a penny to scratch off the pin number on Vanilla Reload card (back of the card)

STEP 3:  Enter American Express Bluebird card number in box 1 and Vanilla Reload pin number in box 2

Hit submit!  Done!  Your funds are transferred immediately to your Bluebird card!  I was very impressed how quick and easy this process was and seeing my funds instantly appear in my Bluebird account. 


So you can see that I only loaded $1,000.  The reason is because the Bluebird has a day limit of $1,000 that can be loaded.  I will load $1,000 tomorrow and the remaining $500 the following day.  Then, I will be off to pay my mortgage using American Express Bluebird Bill Pay option.  I’m so jazzed!  I’ve never found such a rewarding almost free way to pay my mortgage (You only have fees for the Vanilla Reload cards $3.95 per $500 prepaid load card).  I’m excited to be able to earn 5 points per dollar via my Chase Ink Bold for my mortgage and other large bills.  You can use the bill pay option to pay any company or person.  They will mail a check to any person you designated.  So this option is great for paying your rent as well as many other expenses.

Daily Limits:  You can load up to $1,000 per day via Vanilla Reloads and/or debit cards at Wal-Mart on your Bluebird account.  A new day starts at 12 midnight EST.

Monthly Limits:   You can load up to $5,000 per month via Vanilla Reloads and/or debit cards at Wal-Mart on your Bluebird account.  A new month starts on the 1st of each month and is not a rolling 30 day period.

So if you are looking to really maximize earning on all your monthly expenses and especially your mortgage, rent, and other large purchases get yourself a Chase Ink Bold or Ink Plus and a American Express Bluebird Prepaid card. See the links below.  Remember that you can load the Bluebird with any rewards credit or debit card but you will only earn 1 point per dollar.  The highest earning potential comes from the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus.  Currently, you can earn 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points with each card.  Want to know more about the value of Chase Ultimate Rewards points and why I think they are the best points out there, read these recent posts:

Ultimate Reward Points 101 – Part 1

Ultimate Rewards Points 101 – Part 2

Note:  Meeting the minimum spend on these cards will be really quite easy with the Bluebird.  You can load up to $5,000 from Vanilla Reload cards a month onto this card.  You are allowed to keep up to a $10,000 balance on this card.  So it would only take you two months just with purchasing Vanilla Reload Prepaid Cards to meet your minimum spend (Min. Spend – $10,000).  I wouldn’t suggest only doing this though.  I would mix in some regular purchases on the card as well (groceries, gas, dining,etc.).

Stay tuned for my next Bluebird segment – “How to pay bills with your American Express Bluebird


American Express Bluebird Prepaid Card

Vanilla Reload Network

Chase Ink Bold Charge Card

Chase Ink Plus Business Card




  1. I do like the new bluebird prepaid card , but was disappointed when at the grocery store , after paying for stuff I was unable to get any cash back!

    1. @Sharon – This is unfortunately one feature that is not available with Bluebird. “You can use your Bluebird Card virtually anywhere in the world that accepts American Express®. If a merchant asks you to choose between “credit” and “debit,” select “credit.” No PIN is required for in-store purchases.
      There are no cash back or cash over transactions with Bluebird.” https://bluebird.com/faqs/?linknav=us-Prepaid-Bluebird-Home-Faqs
      You can however get cash out at an ATM.

    1. @Nancy – You can pay your friend through the “Bill Pay” feature. Just add them as a Payee and their address. Bluebird will mail them a check. Was this your questions?

  2. Is the Vanilla Reload available at Kroger? I would like to get the fuel points. Is there any other card that can be used to reload the Bluebird?

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