LivingSocial is website that specializes in local daily deals and travel escapes.  They offer some great packages or simple one night deals much like Groupon does.  One interesting detail I’ve recently discovered is that you can earn a FREE vacation deal through their referral program called Me+3.  Their referral program is quite simple.  


Simply buy your vacation package.  Then share a special link with your friends and family.  Blast it out on Facebook to all your FB friends or Tweet it too!  If three friends buy, your vacation is free!

How about that!  Only 3 people need to buy to earn your free vacation.  This is a super opportunity for friends vacationing together or families wanting to take a trip together.  Pick a vacation package, one family member makes the first purchase and send the link to the other family members.  After three other family members purchase the package, the first family member gets their refund.


  • Go to LivingSocial and buy your deal first. Then share your special link. If three friends buy the same deal using your personalized URL, yours is FREE!
  • To start, make sure you’re logged in to your LivingSocial account. After you’re logged in, click around the site, find your deal and book. Click ‘Buy Now’ on the deal you want to purchase. 
  • Wait for payment to process (this may take a few minutes). 
  • On the ‘Want it For Free?’ page, you can copy and paste your personalized URL and share the offer through Facebook, Twitter, and email. 
  • If you need more information about Me+3, click here.

Anyway, it’s a good feature of LivingSocial that I wanted to make you all aware of.


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