I just received an email today that Chase is pulling the 50,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards card offer.  As of tomorrow my link will be deactivated along with all the other links that offer this deal.  So if you were on the fence with this one, you must act quickly.  Never get much notice when an offer is going to die!

I am actually on the fence myself even as I write to you.  I really haven’t paid much attention to this offer to be honest until today.  I really don’t collect Southwest Rapid Reward points much so this offer didn’t really spark my interest when it came out.  Today, for some reason, maybe because they are taking it away, I decided to take a closer look at how I could maximize these points for my family.  After doing some basic research on Southwest website, I’m finding this points very valuable, at least for my purposes.

Here is a sample of what you can book with these points.  I did a search for SFO to PHX because this is where one of my best girlfriend lives who I would want to visit next year.  I need 4 tickets.  So for this itinerary I would need 42,716 points and my family flies free to Arizona.  Now, I take that back, it’s $5.00 per ticket, so that’s $20 and then $69 for the annual fee (not waived -bummer).  So for $89 my family of four can fly to see our friends in Arizona.  Great deal if you ask me!

The best way to maximize these points for airfare is to travel on short distance flights.  The longer distance flights obviously require more points.  So if you have some short hauls you can really grab several almost FREE tickets from this card.

The other redemption that is of interested to me is the Travel Gift Cards.  Here is some examples of what you can get, a total of $600+ for Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Best Western, gift cards ($100 Gift Card for 8,000 points x 6 = 48,000 points = $600 worth of Gift Cards)  Some other great options are the  $500 Carnival Cruise Gift Card for 40,000 points or the Sea World or Universal Orlando tickets.  These all all great ideas for a fun family vacation.

No minimum spend – a huge plus!  Just buy yourself a pack of gum and put the card in your drawer.  This in my opinion is not a card for your wallet!  Not great long term benefits like the Chase Sapphire card which I always carry with me now.

Well, I’ve sold myself on this being a great deal for me at least.  Now I just have to cross my fingers and see if Chase will give me some more love.  I have already received 5 great cards from them this year and scored BIG!  I think I’ll go for it!  Big pay off for our family!  Keep you posted on my results. 
If you think your family could benefit from this card then you can apply here.  I do receive a referral for this card and thank you in advance for allowing me to refer you.  
Happy Travels!

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