Lake Tahoe – The Perfect Family Summer Vacation Getaway

Lake Tahoe, California

If you wish to escape into a place where you can appreciate beauty, fun and adventure all at the same time, bring yourself to South Lake Tahoe. It is simply a lovely haven surrounded with all the beauties of nature and definitely a perfect choice for a family vacation!
It is up to you whether you go in spring, summer, fall or even winter; anytime is the best time to visit South Lake Tahoe. Why? Lake Tahoe has a wide-ranging mixture of activities and events that keep you hooked regardless of what season it is. It is no wonder how it continually draws many travelers from all over the world.  In fact, Lake Tahoe is known as the most overcrowded city of El Dorado County, California.
South Lake Tahoe, which is located in the Sierra Nevada, is no doubt one of the world’s most captivating destinations. Once you get there, you will never be deprived of your hunger for fun and adventure. The lake’s mesmerizing beauty is made evident through its alpine surroundings, vibrant atmosphere amid beautiful beaches, high mountains, lakes, breathtaking panoramas, and so much more. Besides its awesome attractions, the place is also rich in recreational activities.  If you love the outdoors and outdoor activities Lake Tahoe offers it all!
It sure gets icy cold in December until February. But, that’s no biggie! South Lake Tahoe is a sort of winter wonderland. It has all the winter adventures that guarantee you an enthusing and fun-filled stay. Who can resist the exciting Tahoe Blue ice hockey game? Or perhaps, have yourself some heavenly experience at Heavenly Mountain Resort. You can do skiing, sleighing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, any snow activity, you name it Lake Tahoe can offer it! Plus, you can enjoy more sightseeing of Tahoe’s enchanting blue waters while you are gliding on the slopes.
Lingering in the sun on warm or hot sunny days, somewhere around March to August, or exploring Tahoe’s sensational beaches can also give you promising moments while on holiday. You also can’t help but be amazed by the charming autumn colors that add more wonders to the lake in between September and November.
Don’t miss all the rides and exciting tours! Hop in to the most anticipated sky limo—Heavenly Gondola—and have an even wider view of scenic vistas. South Lake Tahoe has a historic edge, too. Vikingsholm Castle, for example, can make you imagine going back to a certain era in the past.  Our family did the relatively short hike down to the castle.  It’s a perfect family day to hike down, see the castle and enjoy a picnic at the beach.
Lake Tahoe is in my opinion one of the best family vacation spots in California.  Your kiddos will surely love to discover Tahoe’s must-see museums, the Gatekeeper’s Museum for one, as well as explore the legendary trails that are just perfect for hiking and biking.
They will love all the fun stuff like climbing walls, fishing, swimming, horse riding, camping, as well as hot air balloons and trampolines among others. The Scenic Helicopter Tours, Grover Hot Springs State Park and Heavenly Tubing Hill are just some of the many exciting spots that are certainly kid-friendly and perfect for family vacation no matter the season.
And there is also good news, too, for the shopaholics! There are plenty of exquisite boutiques, shops, spas and salons all over the area where you can get your shopping fix and of course pamper yourself as much as you want.
If you are a fan of the nightlife, no one will stop you from partying like a rock star in Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Casinos all offer live music and fun 24 hours a day.
There is just no end to its indoor and outdoor escapades for the place that has a calendar of events happening year round.
Lake Tahoe also offers some of the best lakeside restaurants to grab some food after a long fun day either within the city, along the marinas or the beaches.  Additionally there are many accommodations to choose from.  You can rent a private home or cabin like our family has many times or choose a timeshare resort stay with all the amenities, a lakeside hotel, a cheap motel or just stay in the 24 hour action at one of Tahoe’s casinos.
Shortly put, the entire city of South Lake Tahoe is endowed with such a blissful atmosphere that often reminds visitors of paradise. This world-class destination is highly recommended for those who are searching for a happy and gratifying retreat.

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