Today, I thought I’d share how I organize my credit card sign up bonuses. I think it’s very important to keep good records of everything you do in the miles & points world, and especially with regard to credit cards. Your credit is one of your most valuable assets and you need to keep an eye on it always.I use an Excel spreadsheet to track all the credit cards I current hold, the recent ones I have canceled (last year or so), and potential new offers I might sign up for. I am also always monitoring my credit.  I highly recommend you do too if you are regularly using your credit to secure free travel. If you need some good sources to check your credit I have several listed under the Credit Monitoring section.

Here is a copy of my current spreadsheet. You can see what I track and it’s probably much better than me explaining it to you. I hope you will find this spreadsheet helpful. You can save this file to your computer and make changes or add other things you would like to keep track of.The most important thing I can stress with regard to this subject, is just have a way to keep good records. Even if this is too complicated for you, use the good old fashion paper & pen to track what you’re doing.

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