airline-reward-milesIf you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the accumulated frequent flyer miles and why you just cannot track them all, you’re certainly not alone. Keeping track of your flyer points is easy when you have the assistance of a loyalty tracker program. It is difficult to track miles and points, but with Award Wallet you can easily keep information about all your airline miles, hotel points, car rental points, dining miles and much more in one place.
Award Wallet recently added American Airlines Tracking which is a great addition to the program after the disappointing departure of United Airlines.  Several major airlines some time ago had ordered Award Wallet and other programs to stop allowing users access to their mileage accounts over security concerns.  But I think we will continue to see changes in the airline policies in time as frequent flyers really benefit from and need services like these to help track our balances.
Below are three great services I recommend.
Award Wallet
award-walletAward Wallet announced a new partnership that allows award users to track advantage balances effectively. While not every airline might be available on that list, Award Wallet becomes that handy tool that you can always resort to when looking to gather information about the reward miles status. I access my balances for over 115 accounts daily with one click.  It’s simply awesome!  I don’t know what my life was like before Award Wallet.  Well, I do, it was just a lot of work constantly checking balances and updating my Excel spreadsheet.
The basic service for Award Wallet is free and you can upgrade the same for increased facilities in Award Wallet Plus of $5 for 6 months.
Another great feature that Award Wallet offers is that it will automatically add your flight, hotel, car and other reservation made to your itineraries.  So, when you add an airline schedule, it loads into the Award wallet dashboard and you can get emails in your inbox with reminders to check in.
TripIt Pro
tripit-proTripIt Pro is another fantastic Miles & Points tracker app that keeps all details of a trip in one place. A lot of people love the program that costs $49 per year and gets all information about airline mile reward status automatically. Basically, this is a travel organizer and planner that will keep track of flight itineraries when you have emails forwarded to your inbox.
Allows you to store maps, directions, photos, and other helpful details to plan trips; sends mobile alerts about things like flight and gate changes, allows sharing your flight itineraries with contacts you designate and comes with 1-year membership to Regus Gold, Club Gold, and Hertz #1.
Using Miles
UsingMiles manages all your loyalty programs quickly and easily in one place. They help you save time and money. Never lose another point, mile, credit, or coupon again
Miles Momma has a partnership with UsingMiles.  By joining through the Miles Momma site readers are eligible to receive the UsingMiles Premium Membership for free($29.99 annual fee waived for life) .
Join today for free and start keeping track of all your earnings more efficiently than ever!

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