Like I mentioned earlier, the holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is gearing up for the shopping that is to be had by just about everyone I know.  The airlines and credit card companies want your business and they will fight fiercely for it.
Just got a great bonus offer from United Mileage Plus Shopping mall.  Earn 500 bonus miles for 4 transaction in their mall.  WOW!!!  This could get really fun!  Now to search for the cheapest HITS!!!  I feel like it’s the U.S. Airways Grand Slam all over again!!  I did play along and earned 32,000 U.S. Airways miles for my account and 10,000 for my hubby & two children.  So many others were blogging about it that I chose not to. It was my first year playing along and I really felt like a newbie in the game.  It was fun and easy.  It did take some time commitment and tracking.  I used a great spreadsheet from a fellow flyertalk friend that worked perfect and made the process so easy.  I spent $96.61 for my 16 hits which earned me the 32,335 miles.  I spent only $6.29 for the hubby & children’s 10,000 bonus points which was really sweet!
Now, back to the current offer!  I have just read this offer in my email, so I’ll be doing research on the cheapest way to earn some huge bonus miles.  If I come up with some great purchase I’ll definitely post.  So check your email for this offer or call United and ask if it’s on your account.  Also, feel free to post all your ideas here.  Let’s all help each other!

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