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Hello readers,

I’ve decided to start publishing short and concise deal alerts.  These alerts will be written so you can gather the information on the deal quickly.  They will require very little reading time.  I find that in the busyness of my life, I seem to scan so many articles and just look for the bullets and meat of the deal!  Thus I feel sometimes  long detailed posts are just time-consuming for the reader and the writer without true benefit.  Don’t get me wrong, some information really can’t be properly conveyed without further explanation.  I will continue to write longer posts for deals that require more in dept details and analysis.  I hope you’ll like this new format and benefit from the simplicity of it.  My goal is always to bring you the best, latest, miles/points earning and travel deals.  This new format will enable me to quickly share more deals!   Look forward to bringing you Miles Momma Deal Alerts in the near future!

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