If you happen to get in on the awesome Radisson Stay One Night earn 50,000 points offer, then this posts will interest you.  Or if you have Radisson points already.  If not, just click to my next post.
So how will you use your Radisson points?  Well, I am currently planning a “Momma Getaway” trip with my mother-in-law.  My husband has agreed to take a week vacation so I can have time to refresh, relax and enjoy a nice break.  He has given me a week to travel.  So I’ve decided that I can spare the 100,000 Radisson points (actually have 114,000 because of the sign up bonuses & extra stay points) I just earned in December for myself.  I have lots of other points I can’t touch because they are designated for certain family adventures this year and next.  Remember I’m saving up for a 4 week Great Britain family trip in 2013.  I have the flights covered and half the hotel points.  Still saving.  This year I have our family vacation all ready book & paid for East Coast in October via British Airways miles (100k credit card offer) & Marriott points (70k offer – current offer 50k).  Well, actually my total cost was $20 in taxes for our 4 tickets on American from SFO – BOS.  I’m still chuckling inside when I think about it.  We are going for 10 nights.  I’m using 60,000 Marriott points to stay 5 nights in New Bedford, MA and 40,000 Priority Club points to stay 4 nights in Meriden, CT.  We will be using these two locations as our base for day trips in Massechusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut.  I’ll post our itinerary in another post for those interested.  I’m all about maximizing points!  So I’ve stretched these points to the max.  The kids the don’t care about luxury accommodations.  We will hardly ever be in the room.  It’s really just a crash pad.  We require clean, good customer service, and a nice FREE decent breakfast.  Kids aren’t picky here either.  Our lunch & dinner will be a bit nicer than the buffet breakfast so that will be nice for Mom & Dad.  I’m saving the luxury stay this year for my husband’s 40th birthday.  I’ll definitely post about this trip.  I’m so excited planning it and I’ll have to share pics of the Starwood property we are going to and our fun dreamy day together.
So back to my trip.  I’m really looking for where I could go that would be fun that I haven’t been.  Ideally I’d like to go for the category 1 which is only 9,000 points or the category 2 for 15,000 points.

Category 1 – 11 FREE NIGHTS
9,000 points/per night
MY PICK: Tallinn, Estonia – located in the centre of downtown.  Nice, clean, easy public transportation, walking, close to port.  Free breakfast

Category 2 – 7 FREE NIGHTS
15,000 points/per night
My Picks: Prague – I’ve read a lot about how incredible Prague is. Lots to do. Pics look gorgeous. Check these out on Tripadvisor
Category 3 – 4 FREE NIGHTS
28,000 points/per night
My Picks: Vienna, Austria. Paris – near airport good. Cons -not near downtown area. Pros– free nights  $$$$ – trade off. Is it worth it? Worth looking into transportation options, how many minutes on public transportation.

Category 4 – 3 FREE NIGHTS
38,000 points/per night
My Picks: Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen
Category 5
44,000 points/per night
My Picks: Too many to choose from

Category 6 – 2 FREE NIGHTS
50,000 points/per night
My Picks: Options are endless. High end….luxury!  Can’t go wrong!

4 nights – Tallinn, Estonia, (9,000)
2 nights – Helsinki, (38,000)
Sat – Sun, 7 nights – Easy ferry crossing between Tallinn, Estonia & Helsinki, Finland

6-7 nights Prague, (105,000)
Rate one of the Top 25 Destinations of 2011 by Trip Advisor.  The city looks so beautiful and so many things to keep you busy for the week.
4 nights Prague (60,000)
2 nights Vienna, Austria (56,000)
A little of two great cities.  4.5 train ride between the cities.   Only costs 34 euros 1 way and 58 round-trip.
I could use cash & points to get discounted stay at my desired location. Although, some of the higher categories the cash & points option is a very high nightly rate so you end up paying a good amount for your nights. Cat 4, 5 & 6 are going to be pretty luxurious, especially 5 & 6, thus they are 50,000 points.  I could go for 2 nights in Paris in the top luxury hotels and pay the other 4 nights. But I really wanted my week to be FREE!  That’s just the way I like!  I’m more about enjoy a new place, culture and people than their hotel.  Don’t spend much time there!  Leave early morning and come back late at night to crash.  I just think it’s pretty fabulous the places I could stay for a week free. 
So where do you think I should go?  What’s your favorite idea?  Any input would be so welcomed!  Where do you think you’ll spend your points?

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