How to Get Around Australia – A Guide for Travelers


Heading to Australia for business or pleasure? Chances are you’ll need to get from one point to another. Australia is a big country and it’s important to make travel plans and understand your options before you arrive down under.

Air Travel

Most people arrive in Australia by airplane. However, you can also get from the north side of the country to the south side by plane. And if you’re visiting an offshore island like Tasmania, a small chartered airplane may be ideal. Tasmania actually has a major airport, Hobart International Airport, and several smaller airports.

Boat and Ferry

Whether you’re traveling along the shore, from Australia to a neighboring island, or up one of the many beautiful rivers, boat and ferry are a common form of transportation. In fact, The Spirit of Tasmania runs a passenger and vehicle ferry service which runs between Melbourne and Tasmania every night. Other ferries connect South Australia and Kangaroo Island, and ferries connect the suburbs to Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane.

By Car

Australia has some of the most scenic and memorable roads in the world. The Great Ocean Road, the world’s longest World War I memorial, stretches 151 miles. Australia is a car-friendly country. However, be forewarned if you plan on driving in Australia that they drive on the left-hand side of the road. This can be confusing and terrifying for right-sided drivers. Rent a car or hire a driver. Car travel is safe and easy in Australia.

By Rail

Train is considered one of the most affordable means of transportation in Australia. However, you can take a luxury cross-country trip across this vast country, too. Rail travel provides a unique perspective on some of the country’s landscapes and sights. If you enjoy traveling by train you might be interested in some of the famous routes including:

* The Ghan and Indian Pacific crosses the continent and is known for comfort and old-style romantic luxury.
* The Indian Pacific travels between Sydney and Perth. It makes stops in the charming areas of Broken Hill, Adelaide, and Kalgoorlie.
* The Ghan travels between Adelaide and Darwin with views of Australia’s Red Centre and the tropical Top End.

Public Transportation

Last but not least is public transportation. Within the many major metropolitan cities, traveling by bus, taxi cab, or even monorail, light rail, and tram is an option. If you’re traveling by bus or tram, make sure you understand the schedule and stops so you don’t get stranded.

Traveling in and around Australia is simple. Plan your trip and explore your best options for that area. With an abundance of choice, you should be able to get where you need to go easily and efficiently.

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