Via a great blogger and favorite of mine, Dan’s Deals, I learned about a super angle to earn 80,000 AMEX Membership Rewards points with only 1 credit card application.

Here’s how what to do.  See this detailed plan below

  • STEP 4:  Make 1 purchase with your new Business Platinum Card.
  • STEP 5:  Once the promised 25,000 Membership Rewards points have posted, call and downgrade your card to Business Green Rewards card which is part of the Membership Rewards program.  This card has an annual fee of only $95 instead of the $450 annual fee that the Business Platinum Card carries.  You also receive 5,000 Membership Rewards points from the Business Green Rewards cards as a welcome bonus.

FINISHED!  You have now earned 80,000 Membership Rewards points from only 1 credit card application. (Actually 85,000 including your $5,000 minimum spend)

See the screen print provided by Dans Deals update on 7/21/13 from his account.  He earned 75,000 Membership Rewards points as you can see initially on the Business Gold Rewards card because he signed up during one of the special “one” day promotions offered this year.

Update: 07/21: Golden indeed after earning a 105K bonus for one card…


Anyway, I had to share his story and great strategy with you all.  I only wish I’d learned about it sooner, as I just canceled my Business Gold Rewards card because the annual fee was coming due and I just opened a personal Premier Gold Rewards card.  Oh, bummer!  These things happen!  At least one of you can maximize this great opportunity and be sure to tell me about your success.  But this strategy is in my head now and I will be looking for other cards and ways to do this same concept.  

Enjoy your points and have a super awesome adventure!

Learn more here about creative ways to meet your minimum spends quickly and easily!



    1. @Sandy – Your totally welcome! Enjoy your points or should I say where they take you and the memories you create! 🙂

    1. @harold – The idea is that after you receive the bonus from upgrading that you’ve changed your mind and would like to downgrade to a lower fee card. So you would not have to pay the $450 annual fee for a card you aren’t going to keep. Make sense. The worst case I could see is that AMEX charged you a prorated fee for the month you had the card. 25,000 bonus points for upgrade post after first purchase. Not sure if they will post immediately or at statement close. Either way you are looking at a month with the Platinum card.

    1. @schtickle of floride – Even if the fee has posted to your account, doesn’t mean you have to pay a fee for a card you aren’t keeping. That’s why it’s called an “annual fee”. That is the cost for 1 year. If you truly only had the card for 1 month you should not have to pay the full fee. AMEX should remove the fee and change your card type to an annual fee card that is more affordable for you. People change cards all the time because they can’t afford the fee and are not require to pay the annual fee for a card they don’t have or have changed to a different card type.

  1. Is there an offer like this for the PERSONAL rewards gold card? If yes, would you provide the link and more information? Thank you.

    1. @JJ – As far as I am aware this is no current bonus for the personal AMEX Rewards Gold card. I’ve got an idea for you though if the bus card option doesn’t work. You could apply for the Mercedes-Benz Platinum card and then downgrade to the regular Mercedes Benz card. The fee for platinum is $495 and only $95 for the regular card. Quickly meet the min. send and then downgrade. It’s not 80k but still a good bonus. You can also see if that card qualifies for the 5,000 MR bonus for “Pay over time” link here:

  2. Just think I could keep card for november , december and january. I could get reimburse for 200 incidental today, then 200 more in january. then downgrade at end of january. pay 37.5 per month x 3 months? is it prorated by days or by month?

  3. maybe it not good to pay for 3 months. cuz it’ll be like paying 112.5 +95=207.5 to get 400$. better to just 200$ and downgrade right away?

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