This post is simple.  I’m looking to hear from my readers and know your needs.  What do you need to learn more about in 2013.  How can I help you?  What areas of the mile and point world do you need to learn about or better understand. Please leave me  a comment and tell me how I can help you personally this year.  This will be like a little “To-Do List” for Miles Momma.  So let me hear from you!  Love to also have your thoughts on content and new areas you’d like to see added to the Miles Momma site, etc.  I have lots of fun stuff in store for 2013 but want to hear from you too as I proceed in the development of the site.

Thanks for your help and comments!  I’ll review them all and try to implement your suggestions.


8 thoughts on “HOW CAN MILES MOMMA HELP YOU IN 2013?”

  1. Dear Miles Momma, if a good deal pops up here and there, please feel free to share, and let us know your thoughts on it.

  2. Certainly would appreciate ideas on building points and miles for a trip with the wife to Australia/New Zealand. Just like your plans for Cancun and Munich, the least amount out of pocket the better. We are not business travelers, so your information is very helpful.
    Thank you for your efforts and insights.

  3. As a stay at home mom/substitute teacher, I would like to know how to budget for a European vacation. Though the flight and hotels would essentially be free with miles and points, a 10 day stay in Europe is still not going to be cheap! As a family of four (hubby, myself, teenager, and pre-teen), it’s difficult to set aside that extra cash for a nice vacation.

    1. @Heather – Very true! I will write a post to help you with this. I’ve got some great ideas for that extra spending cash you need. Thanks for your input!

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