Well, we have six weeks and counting till Christmas!  Hard to believe but true.  So much shopping to be done and so little time.  Thank goodness for the internet where shopping never stops and stores never close.  What shopper doesn’t love that!  So here are my holiday shopping tips for this week.  Let’s maximize those $$$ and score BIG miles and points this holiday season!

American Airlines is offering 500 or 1,000 bonus miles for shopping between 11/10/11 – 12/31/11.  To receive the bonus miles you must spend an cumulative total of $500 with participating AAdvantage eShopping retailers to receive 500 miles or $1,000 to receive the 1,000 mile bonus.

* This is a one-time bonus awarded based on cumulative amount spent with participating online AAdvantage eShoppingSM retailers between 11/10/2011 and 12/31/2011. You will be awarded one time based on the highest online spend threshold you qualify for: 500 AAdvantage®bonus miles for spending between $500 and $999.99, and 1,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for spending $1,000 or more. Your AAdvantage eShoppingSM account must be open and set to receive special offer emails at the time of the awarding of AAdvantage® bonus miles in order to receive the spend bonus. AAdvantage® bonus miles will be posted by AAdvantage eShoppingSM to the member’s AAdvantage® account within 8 to 10 weeks after 12/31/2011.
Maui Jim – 13 miles/per dollar
Perfumania – 7 miles/per dollar
Body Shop – 6 miles/per dollar
Pro Flower – 9 miles/per dollar
Teleflora – 10 miles/per dollar
Omaha Steaks – 8 miles/per dollar
Personal Creations – 8 miles/per dollar
Red Envelope – 8 miles/per dollar
Shari’s Berries – 8 miles/per dollar

Earn 30 miles per dollar  plus 150 bonus miles for FTD purchase through the Mileage Plus Shopping Mall. If you are planning to send any flowers, gift baskets, etc. through FTD be sure to go through UA Mileage Plus Shopping Mall and earn big miles for your $$.


1,000 Miles Shopping Bonus.  Download Skymiles Shopping Assistant and keep it installed for 30 days to earn 500 miles.  Then spend a total of $250 or more with the Skymiles Shopping Assistant by December 31, 2011 and earn the additional 500 miles!  Return, taxes and shipping fees are not eligible for miles.  Allow 10-12 weeks after the close of the promotion for your bonus miles to be deposited into your account.
This is a nice and easy bonus for Christmas shopping you are already going to do.  Just shop through the Skymiles mall and boost your account a bit.
You must first sign into your Chase account to access the Ultimate Rewards Mall.
GREAT GIFT IDEAS – 10 extra pts/$ – 20 extra pts/$ – 20 extra pts/$ – 35 extra pts/$
Pro Flowers – 15 extra pts/$ -10 extra pts/$
Harry & David – 10 extra pts/$
Kohl’s – 10 extra pts/$
Red Envelope – 10 extra pts/$
Macy’s – 7 extra pts/$
JCPenney – 5 extra pts/$
Kmart – 5 extra pts/$
Remember you can double dip at these malls by purchasing gift cards at the mall and then using the gift cards to go back and make your purchase through the mall.  Read more on my post here.  Be sure to read the fine print (Terms & Conditions) to make sure the gift card you are purchasing gives you miles/points and you can use it for the purchase you wish.  If you want to shop in a store, you can simply purchase a gift card from one of the malls for say Sears or Kmart and then go buy your kids toys in the store.  Don’t forget to use your miles/points card and you’ll double dip this way too.  Last note, always check before you make any purchase through a shopping portal to see if you might earn more miles somewhere else.
Now go do you holiday shopping and watch your earnings pile up this holiday season!!!  It’s really so much fun shopping this way!

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