MSN and the creator of “The Biggest Loser” are now casting people with crazy travel stories.  They are looking for outgoing people who have a great travel story they would love to share with America!  Whether it’s a nightmare story involving a hotel, plane, train or automobile – they are accepting them all!

A horrible snowstorm cancels all flights but miraculously the weather clears up enough for your plane to take off a few hours later and you made it just in time to see the birth of your child.

You encountered a hurricane while on a business trip and had to run for your safety leaving your rental car behind. Luckily, you made it out alive, but the car was totaled and the rental car company was understanding and did not charge you for the damages!

Your son started choking on the train and the person next to you saved his life by giving him the Heimlich.

If you have a travel story similar to the examples above and is always a hit with your friends and other road warriors, we want to hear from you!  If selected you will tell your story on this new hit web series featured on MSN.


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