A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I am very thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving, my wonderful husband, my beautiful children, my great family, my friends and you too my readers!  Thanks for reading, commenting and making it fun for me to write this blog.  I love my miles & points hobby.  I love planning incredible adventures for my family and being able to say to my husband, 
“We only need some spending money because our airfare & hotel is free”.  I love to watch the smile on his face.  It gives me so much pleasure.  Since I don’t earn a pay check working outside the home this is my way of earning money for what I call our “travel bank”.  It just gives me a smile on my face every time I think of how an average single income family like ours is able to have the grand adventures we do.  I am so thankful for the ability to travel with my children.  I feel very blessed.  Currently, I am researching & planning for our 2012 family vacation to the East Coast.  We will be visiting New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  I have budgeted enough points for a nice long trip of 12 days.  I am always saving for the future so I budget about 2 years out.  Sometimes new promos come along like the 50,000 points Radisson Stay One Night Giveaway and then you have some other options to through into your plans.  You just never know what’s coming down the pipes.  It’s exciting and fun!  I’m glad I can share with you all my finds and help average folks experience their dream of traveling.  I hope you are learning and building towards your next adventure too.

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving time with your family & friends.  I will probably not post too much this holiday weekend unless I sneak in a few minutes somewhere.  I’m a night owl so I might!
Have fun shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Don’t forget to check all the miles/points shopping portals as they will have great miles/points offers on these days.  I’m just about to head out for some midnight Black Friday Doorbusters myself.  I love Black Friday!  It’s so much fun!  I’m excited about all the great deals on toys for the kids.  Should be fun!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I'm so pumped! I somehow lucked out and managed to get a huge doorbuster for my youngest son. He is going to just flip when he sees it Christmas morning. It's one of those ride on electric ATV's for kids. It was $99 and normally like $189. I still can't believe I got it especially since I was by myself and couldn't even carry it. I just pushed it to the checkout and luckily I had a nice man offer to find a cart for me. There were no carts inside or outside so he went to the parking lot and found one. It was so crazy last night but so much fun!!! I'm online shopping the great points deals at the Ultimate Rewards Shopping mall. Some great deals like 12pts for Lillian Vernon which I love! Have fun too!

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