Happy New Year to all of you out there!  I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing day with family and friends.  We are enjoying some great family time here at our home.  Watching football, having yummy treats and just relaxing!  I’m watching football with my hubby as I’m typing this post to you.  
Well, I am looking forward to a great 2012 with many fun family adventures to be had and lots a great miles & points deals.  I know the deals will start hitting here in the first quarter and I’ll be diligently scouting online to bring you those deals daily.  So stay tuned this year!  I expect it will another profitable year.  I’m not one of those miles & points blogger who’s going to re-hash all the great deals of 2011 and boast about how many miles/points I earned.  I’m sure if you read other miles/points blogs you’ve read some of those posts!  If you’ve followed my blog for awhile then you have seen some of the spreadsheets I’ve provided to help you which have my earnings well over half a million this year just in credit card bonuses (this doesn’t include all the “little” bonuses).  Unlike, some other bloggers, I’m not about bragging on what I got.  This isn’t helpful to me and I’m sure it’s not helpful information to you.  I’m all about providing you with the knowledge & information for you to attain & achieve your goals.  I don’t know everything by any means.  I am continually learning in this hobby.  There is always more to learn and I know you can help me too.  I love the community on Flyertalk & Milepoint.  These two forums really provide a great environment to learn and share information with fellow miles/points collectors.  Are there some mean spirited, unhelpful people out there?  Well, yes of course!  They are everywhere in the world.  But as a whole these two online communities are full of friendly, helpful and nice people.  So if you aren’t an active reader there, it’s time to dive in and become one.  Anyway, I’m all about looking forward and not behind.  So stay tuned for breaking news on all the big & little deals of 2012!!!  Thanks for being a reader!  I hope to can continue to provide you will the best top breaking miles & points news in 2012!!
The kids and I really had fun drawing the winner for the Christmas Giveaway.  Here is our video drawing

I will be making contact with the winner tomorrow to get more details for the miles/points transfer.  Thanks to everyone for participating!  This was my second giveaway and the entries almost tripled.  Yeah!  I love giving stuff away!  I am a big gift giver my husband tells me.  Sometimes I do have trouble when shopping for a gift because it’s hard to just give one gift.  So keeping with my nature, I’d also like to throw in a bonus gift for the winner.  It will be a $5 Godiva gift card!  So enjoy a little chocolate treat on me with your kiddos, spouse or friend!  Also, I just couldn’t resist giving another gift to one of you.  So I decided to give a runner up gift.  I received a $25 Kiehl’s eGift Card, courtesy of The Gift Chain promo from American Express.  I have not used it, so I decided to give it away to one of you.  So I’ll also be contacting the runner up announced.  These giveaways are very fun and I plan to continue them.  So stay tuned for the next giveaway sometime early 2012!

Goodbye 2011
HELLO 2012
Where is your next adventure?  Never be afraid to dream big!  
Every great adventure begins as a dream before it can become a reality!

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