Halloween Trip to New York City

Statue of Liberty, New York City

Halloween is considered to be one of the most celebrated holidays in America. If you are going to the United States at the end of October you surely shouldn’t miss this event! Every state, every city, every small town has its own parades, festivals and parties dedicated to Halloween! Halloween’s origin lies deep in centuries. According to some opinions its history began in 17th century as Celtic harvest holiday called Samhain, meaning Summer’s End. Now Halloween is closely connected to the celebration of the Catholic feast of All Saints’ Day which is celebrated on the first of November. New York the biggest USA city has one of the greatest Halloween parades. It takes place at 19.00 on 31st October. Many visitors from all over the country come to see and participate. People in strange and scary costumes are invited to a parade coming along Sixth Avenue from Spring to 21st St! It’s the only night-time parade in the whole country! Here guests can expect 42 bands of different musical styles, thousands of participants and a lot of fun! On 29th October other nine Halloween parties took place throughout the New York City. These parties included free activities for kids to enjoy, with haunted houses, hayrides, storytelling, and costume parades. Starbucks’ Great Halloween Party in Central Park was the main event of the day with live music, puppet shows, face painting and much more. Each of the 5 New York City districts had its own Halloween party too Bronx inhabitants were invited to Van Cortlandt Park and St. Mary’s Recreation Center: those who live in Brooklyn to Brownsville Recreation Center on Linden Boulevard between Christopher Street & Hegeman Street. Manhattan’s show was on Pelham Fritz. Queens had Playground for All Children on Corona Avenue. Visitors and residents of Staten Island could have enjoyed a performance on South Beach Roller Rink. So coming to New York on Halloween is a good chance to get acquainted with one of the oldest and most original American tradition.

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