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Well, tonight I’m just pumped because I’ve just booked our family’s ticket’s to Great Britain.  I’m on cloud nine!  I think I’ll roam around up here for awhile!  I really feel like I’m living the dream.  I know I wouldn’t be living it if I were not a mile and point collector.  If I had to pay cash for a month in Europe it would never happen.  Collecting the miles and points I have over the years has afforded my family so may fun travel adventures; it’s amazing.  Sometimes I just stop and pinch myself and say “This is unreal”!  Many of the large stock piles of miles and points that I have earned have been from credit card signup bonuses.  They are the most lucrative way to earn big miles and points.  So many people are skeptical about using your credit to earn miles but after many years of serious churning credit cards I can say my credit scores are as high as they have ever been  (770 – 804) and have never been below the excellent range.  I guard my credit because it is one of my most valuable assets.

So let me show you a real life example of how much money the tickets I just booked would have cost me in real cash money!  I booked our family from Santa Barbara to London.  I used 80,000 American Airlines miles plus $20 in taxes.  How about that? Then we return almost a month later from Dublin to Los Angeles.  I used 120,000 plus $188 in taxes for that flight.   I was going to book us both ways with American Airlines and use the Milesaver (40,000 Roundtrip -Europe) option but the return flight taxes were terrible and the flight choices were bad too.  American Airlines partner for the Dublin route is British Airways or Iberia.  British Airways routes you from Dublin back to the UK (London) and triples your taxes to about $300 per person.  Talk about giving it to you!  If you don’t like that option on American then they will have to route you to Madrid through Iberia which is more like $130+ in taxes which is better but still not great.  Oh, and by the way, you have to overnight in Madrid because the flights don’t connect in the same day.  American Airlines recently opened a seasonal route flying their own planes from Dublin to Chicago but seems like they are giving up nada to their frequent flyers on those flights.  I’ve been stalking the AA website since May waiting to book some seats.  They have released nothing.  Finally they told me on July 8th they would be able to ticket Milesaver seats on that seasonal route.  When I check on July 8th I was excited because the whole month of April was wide open for Milesaver seats.  Great I thought.  Then I put in four travelers and all the Milesaver availability disappeared.  I was ticked.  Call AA and they said AA had only released 1 seat on each daily flight for April & May which was the time period I was looking.  So I decided to stop hassling with American and use my United miles to fly home.  United on the other hand had tons of availability for Milesaver seats and I could have my pick of flights.  So all together I paid 200,000 miles (50,000 miles per person – 20,000AA & 30,000UA ) plus $208 taxes ($20 SBA – LHR and $188 DUB – LAX) to fly us roundtrip.  Sweet deal!  Wanted to only give up 160,000 AA miles (40,000 Milesaver x 4) but not at the price of the taxes and the hassle.  I almost cracked up when this message showed up while booking my United tickets (see below)

Hmmm, let me think about it for a minute.  Should I pay $7,744.00 for this one-way Dublin to LAX flight or use my miles?  That is really a tough decision.  Maybe I should ponder it for awhile.  Are you cracking up yet?  I sure did.  I share my booking experience tonight with you to show you the “POWER OF THE MILES”.  They are currency and a good one.  Building your miles and points “travel bank” is a great investment if you like to travel.  You can save hundreds and thousands of dollars.  The value of my miles is clearly shown in this example.  Check out my other one way.  I actually priced the flight we are booked on and it would have cost $5,000+.  So do you think my average family with a single family income would be booking these tickets right now for $12,000+ cash.  I don’t think so!

Well, if you have been on the fence about using your good credit to secure free travel, hopefully my example tonight will motivate you.  There are lots of great credit card sign bonuses out there and they are always coming out with new exciting ones.  Funny how American is soliciting me to get their Citibank AAdvantage Visa card and I’ve had it so many times I can’t remember in the past years.  They always want ya back!  I’ll probably get it again at the end of this year or maybe next year.  Just canceled my recent card at the end of last year.  I receive 150,000 (75,000 per card – 1 business, 1 personal) American Airlines miles for that offer.

Here are some of the great offers I think are available currently.  Check them out and grab some free travel for your family.  If you have excellent credit you are set and ready to go.  If you don’t, then work on improving your credit and pay off your debt.  You’ll get there.  There are credit cards that can help you improve your credit  Check out this section on my site.  Or if you are a student, check out this section.  Lots of good info.  Don’t know what your credit scores are, check them here for free –

Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card – 50,000 bonus points

Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card – 40,000 bonus points 

Hyatt Credit Card – 2 free nights anywhere world wide

Chase Sapphire PreferredSM Card
 – 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points (Try for a bump to 50,000)

British Airways Visa Signature Card®
 – 100,000 Avios (50,000 on first purchase)

Ink BoldSM with Ultimate Rewards – 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points

Ink CashSM Business Card
 – $250 Cash

Citi AAdvantage Visa/Mastercard/AMEX: $100 off, 50,000 & Companion Certificate 

US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World Mastercard – 60,000 miles (40,000 on first purchase)

This is just a few of the many great offers.  You can view most all the top offers on the Miles Momma site.  If you don’t know what cards to get and need advice, I’m always available via email or live chat.  Send me a email with your goals and I’ll help you put together a plan of how you can achieve those goals.  I love helping people and see them realize the dream of travel.  I just got an email from a reader tonight that is now living the dream too after stepping into the world of credit card bonuses.  She is beyond excited.  Just helped her book a sweet trip to Kona for spring break.  Traveling the world is really possible for the average person.  It’s so exciting and I’m happy to share it with anyone who wants to learn more about this great hobby.  Feel free to contact me anytime.


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