If you like to earn points for free and have a rewards credit card then you are set to score some free miles or points.  Buying gift cards when they are on sale is a great way to go.  Around all the major holidays many major retailers like Staples and other stores offer incentives for people to buy gift cards.  This is a perfect time to get your highest earning rewards credit card out and take some miles/points to the bank.  Last year I participated on a Staples rebate promotion and bought gift cards which earned me enough Staples gift cards to buy a Google Nexus tablet.  It was my Christmas present to myself which was basically free!

Anyway, here is a great sale from Staples below.  Watch your other local ads from office supply stores, CVS/Walgreens, grocery stores and any major retailer that sells gift cards as they may be having rebates or other rewards/cash back incentives.

STAPLES : $15 rebate on $150 gift card purchases


VISA GIFT CARDS: Buy $150 or more in Visa gift cards and get a $15 Visa gift card by mail.

MASTERCARD GIFT CARDS:  Buy $150 or more in MasterCard gift cards and get a $15 Staples gift card by mail.
Limit one rebate (of each type) per household.
Valid Sunday Dec 22 through Tuesday Dec 24 2013 in-store

The best value is to buy(1)  $200 Visa Gift Card and (1) $200 Mastercard Gift Card with your highest earning rewards credit card.  I’ll be using my Ink Plus which earnings 5 points per dollar.  But you could also use your Club Carlson Premier Visa card which also earns 5 points per dollar or maybe card that earns you 5% cashback at office supply stores.

Mail-in rebate receipts should print out automatically at the register.  
Enjoy your FREE miles and points!


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