Get a Chance and Win a Seat to Star MegaDO 7

enterHave you ever thought about spending your entire day in Zurich? It is such an amazing thing! You automatically travel on Chartered flights without paying any coin, not to mention a private airport of Airbus in Hamburg as you head to Mykonos then to Athens.
You can automatically to enjoy full program of whatever is billed which is an excellent lifetime experience!  A Star Alliance Gold selected level status of Miles&Bonus recurrent flier reliable program of Aegean Airlines for a full year which is usually free of charge.
Maybe you have never thought about such a scenario. Usually, you always have two opportunities where you can automatically win a seat at a wonderful event by the Star Mega DO7 that is presently sold out! What is normally required is to make many several posts of anything you need in the discussion until Friday of 2nd September 2016 noon Pacific Daylight time.
Tommy Denielsen made it clear that the AwardWallet and ExpertFlyer has already decided to help pay up for transport as well as beach party in Mykonos which is also known as InsideFlyer member Tommy777, who is well known as a part of the organization team of Star MegaDO7. It is exciting this time round for the sponsorships is giving you a seat as well as two seats to the community!

Take note of what you need for an excellent win of two chances in this promotion:

  1. Chance #1: AwardWallet

Make the first step of signing up for a free account with AwardWallet; for those who already have an account just register here. All winners are usually notified immediately through an email message.

  1. Chance #2: ExpertFlyer

For your Chance to win, make sure you post in the discussion as many times as possible for your chance of winning.
You will automatically receive a notification through a private message as well as a public announcement will be posted in the discussion if you get a chance to be a winner.
The approximate retail value of this prize is $999.00.

The above mentioned full program as well as a seat on each charter flights for Star Mega DO7 is well included in the prize.
Flights to Zurich as well as Athens, not to forget accommodations and personal costs such like food, drinks, transportation… just to mention a few… are never covered by this program so not part of the prize.
Note that, team members of Star MegaDO7 will automatically help you with booking hotel reservations for all winners.
Have a look at the Summary
For more information about Star Mega DO7 take time and evaluate the following discussions posted on Inside Flyer:

  • Official Master Thread: SMD7
  • SMD7 Official Waitlist
  • SMD7 ATH AfterDO

Note that, you should be available between Tuesday, September 13th 2016 and Friday, September 16th 2016 so as to participate in Star Mega DO7 if you will be chosen as a winner…
….for you being here, you are definitely available! Make another step and try win this experience now…. wishing you best of luck!

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