Fun things to do in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Lighthouse, California

California never runs short of outstanding destinations; one of which is Santa Cruz. Having such long stretch of coastlines, 29 miles to be exact, Santa Cruz is seen as an ideal place for beach sports, specifically surfing. Thus, the moniker “Surf City.”
In short, Santa Cruz’s radiant shorelines are its prominent attractions since it is located on California’s Central Coast. It is a great pick for family fun and outings in which kids can play, have picnics or stroll on the seashore.
The redwood forests that lead the path to the beaches also add to the county’s natural beauty. Santa Cruz, with 14 state parks, makes it a lovely haven for wildlife that people must not miss to discover. Henry Cowell Redwoods State park is one of the forest parks that are home to California’s enormous ancient redwoods. The place holds elegant rivers and waterfalls as well as hiking trails making it ideal for eating al fresco and camping. This is also true with Big Basin State Park and Hidden Beach Park, just to name a few.
Visiting Santa Cruz provides everyone a great privilege to watch a wide variety of animals such as birds and monarch butterflies as well as aquatic creatures such as dolphins, whales, elephant seals and sea otters. You can relish seeing such ecological diversity throughout the year. Also bear in mind that Santa Cruz stands close to Monterey Bay, which also provides more access to waterfront adventures.
Of course, there are numerous fun-filled activities that kids can engage in. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, in particular, has different amazing and kid-friendly rides that can take the young ones to great heights and thrills. Let them explore the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, Undertow, Double Shot, Fireball, WipeOut, the list goes on—all are meant to push you to the limits. The 1911 Looff Carousel is a must especially for the little ones! As its name suggests, this native merry-go-round has been the children’s favorite since its beginnings in 1911. Other must-see attractions in Boardwalk include Neptune’s Kingdom, mini golf, and pool and of course, games, food and shopping will always complete the day.
If you are into arts, music or literature, Santa Cruz County has got what you need. The art galleries, live music, theatres, museums and festivals are all over the place exuding a lively eclectic atmosphere. You will not find it hard to collect precious memorabilia when you are in Santa Cruz. From ordinary to unique memento, you can binge on them from the county’s long array of shops.
Another interesting fact to note about Santa Cruz is its abundance in homegrown fruits and vegetables as well as high-quality and well-recognized wines. Santa Cruz has over 70 wineries; make sure you can visit them and the tasting rooms, too.
Make the most of your time enjoying their restaurants that are deemed to always offer an exceptional dining experience. The choice is yours whether you prefer a posh café with their tasteful meals, a trendy bistro with their contemporary food, or a native eatery that showcases the county’s best produce. The various dines have been created in a way that will suit every taste and budget.
Santa Cruz has the advantage of having a mild climate year round—the reason visitors can go to the county anytime whenever they choose to, may it be on the summer, fall, winter or spring. Summer months serve as the peak season, but if you are eyeing on spending a peaceful retreat with less people around, it is appropriate to go in September, October and November.
Getting around Santa Cruz with convenience and less hassle from traffic can only be possible by riding the trolley. Depending on where you are in California, going to Santa Cruz can be accessible by car, bus, plane or boat.
Either way, what matters are for you to get there and see those fascinating sea waves and the rest of the natural wonders that await you in Santa Cruz County, California.

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