If you got some time and want to grab some free hotel points try playing La Quinta’s virtual slot machine game.  It’s an easy way to earn a free night or two.  I just got an email from one of my favorite long time readers who has accumulated 30,000 La Quinta points playing the game.  Not too bad if you ask me.


  • Go to the Play & Stay promotion page
  • Click “NEW“. Then click on “Login with Facebook” at the top right.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, I suggest that you create just a blank profile just for online promotions like these.  So many companies they days do promotions through Facebook.
  • Now click either “Join Returns” if you are not a member of La Quinta’s program.  If you are already a member, click “Existing Member” and enter you “La Quinta Returns Member Number” and “Last Name“.
  • If you just joined, it will open a new browser to join.  Once you’ve completed registration it will give you your La Quinta Return Number.  Copy and paste it now into the other browser on the game page.  This will now link your account to automatically deposit each days earnings.
  • Click “Spin” and start playing the virtual slot machine.  You get 5+ spins everyday.  You can also win up to “10 FREE NIGHTS” with instant prizes

You can earn additional spins by referring friends, liking La Quinta on Facebook, and following them on Twitter. You can win La Quitna points, additional spins, tokens that essentially increase your spins, free nights, and more.  The game is actually pretty addictive and fun!

La Quinta free nights start at just 6,000 points for the lowest category, so you can definitely earn a few free nights by playing this game.

Be sure to get your family members to play along too!

This promotion goes through January 31, 2014.  Have fun and good luck!  Love to hear how many points you end up earning!

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