Hey Reader, MasterCard is sending a little love our way this holiday!  I think they are trying to copy cat AMEX!  Not quite the the sweet deal that AMEX was offering with their Shop Small Saturday promo.  
MasterCard is offering a $20 Gift Card for a $200 spend on any MasterCard. REGISTER HERE!  Then shop between November 15 – December 31,2011.  From reading the Terms & Conditions I believe you can not double, trip, quadruple dip on this deal.  I will call to verify this though.  Bummer!!!  AMEX rocks!!  I still can’t believe I received $125 in credits from AMEX on November 26 for Shop Small Saturday. I ending up buying a Plasma Car for my boys and a Brighton bracelet for myself.  Two of my (4) $25 credits have already hit.  I just check my AMEX accounts and they posted on November 27th.  Crazy!  I couldn’t believe they posted so fast!  Makes me a bit nervous about the other two.  Why should I be though, AMEX is first class!

So, back to this MasterCard promo.  Stay focus Momma!  You need to be sure to shopping online with this promotion.  Offline, Pin-based & international transactions are ineligible.  The $20 comes to you as a Gift Card.  Gift Card quantities are limited to the first 80,000 eligible entrants & maximum of 10,000 other gifts to the next 10,000 eligible entrants.  Following registration of your card, you will be eligible for (1) Offer Gift for your first total online purchase transaction of $200 or more (via one or more multiple transactions) on your registered Card during the Offer Period. So if I understand the T&C’s correctly you don’t need to have one total charge for  $200 or more but it can be multiple charges adding up to over $200. For full Terms & Conditions, read here.

So be sure to register today.  It takes 1 minute or less literally!  Then and do a little Christmas shopping online with your MasterCard before December 31, 2011.  Don’t forget to shop through a miles or points shopping portal and earning some miles or points!  You can visit my Resources page to see some of the most popular shopping portals to use.  Have fun!!!

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