Sharebuilder miles/cash bonuses have been around for a long while but I wanted to feature them today because I know many still don’t know about them or know how easy these miles are to earn.  Not everyone can churn credit cards but these bonus opportunities are for everyone as they don’t require a credit check to open an account.

It’s very easy to earn the bonus miles listed below.  Simply open an account and purchase 1 stock.  That’s it!  You only need to purchase a $1 stock too.  There are no dollar requirements on the amount the stock must be.  The miles will be deposited into your account quickly.  Sometimes within a day or two in many people’s experience.  Some people in the past have reported that US Airways miles were deposited into their frequent flyer account before they even made a stock purchase.  To make a purchase it will cost you $4.  So I opened all of my accounts with $5.  There are currently only two airlines participating with Sharebuilder, Delta and US Airways.  Continental use to participate but when the merger with United happened that ended and I haven’t seen United re-establish a relationship. I hope they will in the future.

Another important thing to know about these bonuses is that you can receive bonus miles for each and every member of the family including every one of your children.  You simply open individual accounts for all adults and custodial accounts for all your children.  You can have the miles credited to one frequent flyer account; whichever account you choose.  You can use the same frequent flyer account for all your Sharebuilder accounts.  So you can see that this could be a rather large bonus for larger families.  For example a family of five would earn 17,500 Delta miles or 12,500 US Airways miles.  I say “or” because you need to choose one program to use at a time.  I don’t believe you can open accounts for the entire family with each program at the same time.  You can however open accounts using the Delta program; earn the bonuses, cancel the accounts and the open new accounts using the US Airways program.  I would suggest waiting at least 3 – 6 months in between just to play it conservative (which is always what I do).

Now if you’d just like cash bonuses, you can surely go that route too.  Check out the details on the $50 cash bonuses below.  So using the same family of five example, you could earn $250 in cash bonuses if you went that route.  Either way these are great bonuses to take advantage of.  These bonuses add some nice miles to your balances or some nice cash for your next adventure.  If you haven’t already taken advantage of these deals I would highly recommend you do.  If you’ve already done them in the past, go for another round!  Have fun!  Happy earnings!

See details below for links, bonus codes for free trades, etc.


2,500 US Airways Open a new ShareBuilder account after your first stock purchase. 500 additional bonus miles each quarter when subscribed to the Standard or Advantage pricing program, whatever that means. 
3,500  Delta Airlines  Open a new ShareBuilder account and purchase your first stock purchase. If you’re a Delta Skymiles Medallion member, you will receive 3,500 bonus miles after your first investment.  Even if you aren’t a Medallion just that box for the higher bonus.  They don’t check this.  I am not Medallion but earned the higher bonus.  Earn 500 additional bonus miles each quarter when you are actively subscribed to the Standard or Advantage Investing Program. 
To open an account and receive a cash bonus go to Sharebuilder and enter bonus code when opening account
$50   START50 ($50 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+, enter this code before the code below)
$25   INVEST122111 ($25 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+)
Once you are signed up for a Sharebuilder account there are always promotional codes circulating online that will give you free trades and sometimes cash bonuses.  Here are the current codes I am aware of.
BDAY12AL  Unknown 1 free automatic investments
BDAY12MR Unknown   1 free automatic investments
12AIP 3/31/2012) 12 free automatic investments
SK483GXM2BU9 12/31/2014 5 free automatic investments
TAF2RPL*6O52v9 Unknown 5 free automatic investments
TAF5AAP*0H10pAE Unknown  5 free automatic investments
TAF5AAG*0037yC Unknown  5 free automatic investments
START50 Unknown  $50 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+
NVEST122111 Unknown  $25 bonus with electronic deposit of $25+
3AIP*GEJZOH Unknown  Unknown
3AIP Unknown  Unknown
CODES UPDATED 09/12/2012

How To Use Code
To enter the codes into your account, first log in to ShareBuilder, and then go to the Accounts tab > Overview > Profile & Settings > Enter Promotion tab shown below.

In the marked box, enter a code. If it works, you should see a confirmation that says something like:

Thank you for referring ShareBuilder to your friends! Your 2 real-time trades have been credited to your account and are available to use immediately.

How To Verify
To see how many free automatic trades you have, click on the top Trade > Automatic Investing and look for “You have XX Automatic Investment credits”. If you click on it, you’ll note that these may have different expiration dates. 



    1. YES! You would need to open account for the miles bonus and then cancel after you receive bonus. Then I would recommend waiting 3 – 6 months and then try to open accounts for the cash bonus. I don’t see anywhere in the terms that would prevent you receiving another type of bonus.

  1. It looks like an online trade is $9.95 and an automatic investment is $4. So, to get the 3500 skymiles for a $5 investment, you’d need to do an automatic investment into a $1 stock and then go back in and cancel it as soon as the first automatic investment is made, is that right?

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