1. @Matt – Just from looking at the application requirements I’m thinking they are pretty strict with the states because they are listed IN BOLD as requirements to apply. Have any friends or family that live in those states that you could use their address? Just a thought.

  1. Can I use a credit card to fund without any cash advance fees. It may be a good way to meet my spend on my new Chase Southwest Card.

    1. @Carol – I would say Chase is safe. I’ve funded account before with them with no cash advance fees. Never do it with Citibank products, they are notorious for charging. BTW – I have also funding prepaid cards (Wells Fargo Prepaid Card) with Chase cards with no fees. I would look into getting the Wells Fargo Prepaid card and funding online. You can fund up to $2,500 day. You can then withdrawl cash via ATM and also get a cash advance inside your bank. Just take the Wells Fargo Prepaid card to the teller and ask for a cash advance of $500. The daily limit is $500. You could also use Amazon Payments. You are allowed to pay anyone $1,000 a month with your credit card. Set up Amazon Payments account and “send money” to a spouse, friend, or family member. If you need more ideas, just let me know. My head is full of them! 🙂

  2. I would love to try this deal but I’m not familiar with Go Intuit or Square Reader. Do I have to apply for the reader before I can attempt the transfer?

    1. @Linda – Yes. They are both free and will mail you a reader so you can plug it into your smartphone and scan your credit card.

  3. Hi, they have promotion expire on 3/13/14…I am in texas.. i closed my old account i had on 12/20/13 for personal reason and they didn’t close till 01/23/14 coz of their error. i want to open new one to qualify for this promotion. see i never knew about all this promotion before .I came to know recently. they mention you have to wait 90 days before you qualify for this promotion and by that time promotion is going to expire (e.g duration of 01/23/14 to 03/31/14 is < 90 days)
    1)What is creative idea you suggest for me to qualify for kindle fire????
    2)if you apply online then how they verfiy ID ,address,etc….

  4. Thanks Jacki for alerting me to this promotion running again. I didn’t see that! Thanks! I will create a new post for everyone! Regarding your situation, can you open the account in a spouses/boyfriends name or maybe an older child possibly. You could even possibly open it in your maiden name if you are married. You can always go by your maiden name even if married I believe. Just a few thoughts.

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