I just can’t stop writing about the promos from American Express.  They just keep sending out the love this holiday season to their card holders.  It’s just raining money & free stuff from them.  Seriously, if you don’t have a card already you need to.  Stay tuned for a posted about the best American Express rewards card currently available.  Well, there are two (2) new promos: Gift Chain & Vente-Privee.  Here it is in a nutshell
A variety of surprise gifts like gift cards, statement credits, ShopRunner 1 year membership, etc.  If you want you can view the inventory of gifts offered by each vendor on the terms & condition page here
  1. Register all your AMEX cards.  Promotion is open to the first 250,000 who register.
  2. Shop online at select retailers from now until December 21, 2011 (or while supplies last)
  3. Be sure to double dip (earn extra miles/points) by going through a shopping portal if possible for any participating retailer.  You only need to use your registered AMEX card to receive the free gift.  Ten (10) free gifts per person/ card holder although I’ve read reports of people receive more than 10 gifts.  I imagine you can receive 10 free gifts for each card you hold.
I have just begun to play this promo myself.  I registered all the four (4) AMEX cards I have.  I received a confirmation of being registered within a minute.  I’m now off to do some Christmas shopping.  Boy, I love online shopping as a busy Mom.  It’s so hard to shop with your kids and you definitely can’t shop for them when they are with you.  I’ve been doing so much shopping online this year and racking up the points too.  Now this “gift” promo will just add to the fun!  If you view the list of gifts you’ll see there are some really big gifts, I hope someone I know scores ones of those.
American Express is offering a $20 credit for making a purchase with Vente-Privee.  You can combine this the Gift Chain offer since Vente-Privee is one of the select retailers.  So you can receive a $20 credit & a free gift.  How about that!  Vente-Privee does not have a huge selection but I’m sure you can find a gift.  I know I’m going to.  Can’t miss out on this discount!
Also, you can earn a referral credit of $20 for each person you refer to the promotion who signs up and makes a purchase.  So send this promo information out to all your friends so everyone can earn.

Simply register here EXPIRED and make a purchase with Vente-Privee.  It’s really that simple.  If you’ve read my post from the AMEX Shop Small Saturday promo, you’ll know that this credit will more than likely post within days.  AMEX is first class and really on top of the promos.
Terms & Conditions:
* Terms and conditions: To redeem this offer, you must use any eligible American Express ® Card to make your first purchase at ( through 12/31/2011. An Eligible Card is defined as a valid American Express Credit or Charge Card, in good standing and not in default, issued in the U.S. either by American Express or by a licensed third party bank issuer of American Express-branded Cards. Certain Cards are not deemed Eligible Cards, including American Express Cards issued in the U.S. by Department Stores National Bank, Prepaid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards and Serve cards) and American Express Corporate Cards. If your Card is replaced during the promotional period, please call the customer service number on the back of your Card for assistance. Statement credit will be issued approximately 6-8 weeks after the qualifying purchase is charged to your Card account. Your ability to earn rewards may be based on the amount of your purchase after the statement credit has been applied. Individual rewards program terms and conditions apply. If the purchase(s) is subject to finance charges, finance charges will accrue on the total amount of the purchase(s) prior to the application of the statement credit.


UPDATE:  As I have been shopping on Vente-Privee I’m noticing the quantities are very limited. The AMEX promo must be slamming this site.  So hurry and find something.  Very affordable children’s shoes & woman’s clothing from what I’ve looked at so far.  Couldn’t find my boys sizes available though.  I also think they will be updating and adding new retailers as this promotion continues through 12/31/2011.

Well, I’ll keep you posted on my results.  Please also share what gifts you receive if you decide to play along.  Would be fun if someone I knew hit one of the big scores like the (4) $500 AMEX Gift Cards.

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