Enjoy a 6 month free upgrade with Award Wallet via Points, Miles & Martinis.  If you don’t know what Award Wallet is, you’ll want to.  It’s a site that tracks all your miles and points programs and it’s free. I can’t imagine what my life was like before Award Wallet.  I have my entire families accounts (62 accounts) tracked in the program.  It’s the brains of my miles & points operation.  I back it up often to Excel too because I’m always afraid of losing all those valuable account numbers, passwords, etc.  I seriously could not be without Award Wallet.  I check it everyday and love watching my balances grow.  It’s one of the best clicks of my day.
So if you don’t have an Award Wallet account, sign up through this link below and enter the promotional code: pointsmilesandmartinis.  This will give you all the upgraded benefits for 6 months.  Once, you are on Award Wallet, you’ll never go anywhere else to keep track of your miles and points.  Believe me, I’ve check out other services and I do list others on my site but Award Wallet in my opinion is the bomb!  If you already have an Award Wallet account, simple log into you account and click on “Upgrade Account” on the left panel and enter the code.  ENJOY!


*Big Thanks to Thank you Points, Miles & Martinis for this free upgrade.

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