Flight Delayed? Get Paid! Up to $850

Flightbucks - Flight delayed? Get Paid

Have you ever had a delayed or canceled flight to Europe or Israel?  If so, keep reading below and learn more about how you can collect some big bucks from the airlines.

You may be eligible for CASH COMPENSATION if your flight to/from EU country or Israel was delayed or canceled.

  • EUROPE: up to $700 per passenger

If your European flight was delayed over 3 hours or canceled (at the fault of the airline) or in the event you’re denied boarding

  • ISRAEL: up to $850 per passenger

If your Israeli flight is delayed over 8 hours or canceled at the fault of the airline

You can even collect compensation for flights up to 10 years back!  So check your past flight itineraries and see if any of your flights qualify.  Let the Flightbucks Team assist you.  Simply input your flight’s information and they will verify your eligibility and inform you if you can receive compensation.  They only get paid if you get paid!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for free cash?

Who is eligible to receive this compensation?

Any person traveling to and from Europe on any airline.

What kind of flights are eligible?

Any flight to and from Europe operated by a European carrier or a flight originating in Europe on any airline.

Do I have to be a European citizen to claim compensation?

No. Anyone is eligible.

Are infants under 2 years of age who do not have a seat eligible to receive this compensation?

As a rule, infants pay a percentage of the full fare and therefore have a paid ticket. Airline has final discretion in the matter.

What types of delays are eligible for this compensation?

Any controllable delay, i.e. a delay caused by the airline, is eligible. Those delays include maintenance issues, crew issues and such.

What types of delays aren’t eligible?

Any uncontrollable delay, such as weather, political events, strikes or manufacturer’s defects with the airplane are exclusionary.

How long do I have to be delayed?

The delay has to be over 3 hours.

Do cancellations qualify?

Yes, as long as you were not rebooked to arrive at your final destination less than 2 hours later than scheduled.

How is my compensation paid?

Once the Claim is approved, Airline will pay Flightbucks, Inc. on your behalf; and we will then transfer money to you, minus our fees.

How much will it cost me to file a claim with Flightbucks?

We do not get paid until you are! Therefore, it does not cost you anything to start the Claim. We only get paid if the Claim is successful. Once the Claim is approved and Compensation is paid by the Airline, we will keep the administrative fees of 27% of the Claim amount.

How long does it take to process a claim?

The length depends on the individual airlines and their response times. It can range from 14 days to several months.

What happens with my personal information?

We use your personal information only for the purpose of rendering services offered by Flightbucks, Inc. and will not disclose it to any other third party not involved in the process. Please consult our privacy policy.

Who is Flightbucks?

We are a US-based company with a vast knowledge of the European Regulation helping passengers claim the compensation they deserve.

Will you take on any claim I file?

We will only pursue a valid claim. If Flightbucks determines that your flight delay was due to an uncontrollable delay or is in any other way ineligible for compensation, we will tell you right away.

Am I eligible for a refund of the fare I paid?

You are only eligible for a refund if you did not travel. If the airline cancelled your flight and you no longer wish to travel, you are eligible for a full refund of your ticket price AND cash compensation of EUR600, if applicable.

As a result of the delay, I had to spend the night at the airport hotel and purchase food. Am I eligible for reimbursement?

Yes, airlines are required to provide hotel accommodations, food, phone calls and transportation. If you incurred any of these expenses, please let Flightbucks know. We will help you recover this money.

What if the airline makes payment to me directly after I file a claim with you?

Once you sign the Power of Attorney and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Flightbucks is handling your claim. You will still be liable for the administrative fees since we filed the claim on your behalf.

What information/documents do you need to file a claim on my behalf?

We need your name the way it appears on the ticket; your flight number, airline, date of travel, airports of departure and arrival as well as any other circumstances of your situation that may be important to consider. A copy of the itinerary or boarding pass is helpful but not required. If you are claiming reimbursement of expenses, original receipts are required.

What is the time limit for filing a claim?

It is up to 10 years back. However, the time limit depends on each individual country you were flying in/out of. We will assess your claim individually and will let you know if you are eligible.

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