Five Great Reasons To Visit Singapore

Singapore - Garden by the Bay

If there is one place that needs to be on your vacation bucket list, it’s Singapore. A vibrant city that has changed so quickly over the years, Singapore impresses every single visitor. The best thing about it is its adaptability – if you visited five years ago, the Singapore of today is entirely different. The people are all about change and growth, and when you visit, you are never the same again. The city is fantastic, and there is a lot to offer, listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world for an excellent reason! Even the airport has been recognized as one of the most beautiful in the whole world.

There are many reasons that Singapore should be on your bucket list (and we’ll go into five of them in this article!). There have been backpackers and students that have gone over with only a plane ticket and a Singapore rental and ended up staying indefinitely! It’s one of those countries that have a real impact on your future, and all because it’s the place to be. Singapore is recognized worldwide as somewhere everyone should visit at least once, so let’s check out those five reasons why!

The Nightlife. If you plan to have a great time while you’re on your world tour, then Singapore has to be on the list for sure. Every city has a decent nightlife, but Singapore does it better. Head to Zouk, a club where you can dance the night away. If Zouk isn’t your thing, then think about the rooftop bars. The city is pretty built up, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t climb to new heights and dance on the rooftops. Do it while the sun goes down and you’ll be basking in the hot rays while you enjoy something cold. If you are close to the ocean when you visit, you’re going to love the view of the beaches while you dance the night away.

The Food. Honestly, does anyone travel for any other reason? The food in new cultures is the best reason to go abroad. International cuisine has come a long way in recent years, and if you are looking for somewhere to try new dishes, you’ll love Singapore. From the delectable street food to the five-star meals in restaurants, you will always find something to enjoy here. Your taste buds are going to have a party when you hit Singapore; and it’s not just Singaporean cuisine you get to enjoy, either. From fresh Japanese food to European, you’ll find something to really indulge in.

The Chance Of A New Start. We talked about those who moved to Singapore and never looked back, and there’s a good reason for it. There are so many opportunities here for those of all backgrounds. As Singapore is continuously changing, it’s never going to be a place that feels boring. You can really start your success story in Singapore, and many who have come before you have achieved exactly what they’d like to achieve just by moving here.

The Scenery. Beaches and forests, countryside and oceans – there is so much to see here. Singapore wins all the awards when it comes to the title of “paradise”. Singapore has jungles, gardens, Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and flora and fauna is stunning to behold. It’s all about being green these days, and Singapore does it right.

Sports Fans Unite! Cricket fans, swimming fans, football fans, watersport fans – you all have a place in Singapore. There are significant events held all year round, including Formula 1. If you’re a lover of watching races, you’ll love the events held in Singapore. There are sports held on the ocean as much as there are those held on the roads. Stadiums pack out all year round with sports enthusiasts excited to cheer on their favorite athletes. If you want to try something new, anything you want is right here!

Singapore does it all; how could you NOT visit? With the reasons above, the range of places to stay and things to see, you need to make sure that once we come out of the global lockdowns due to coronavirus, you book that trip. Pro tip: Make sure you get a long layover at Changi Airport – the airport alone is a majestic sight to behold, and it’s one of the most exciting and glamorous airports around the world to enjoy. Don’t believe us? Check out the airport guide here!

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