Exploring Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks – Alaska
What a place! Have you ever visited Fairbanks, Alaska? This is one of the best and entertaining places you should visit. It is positioned only 188 miles south of Freezing Circle, which is also known as the second largest city of Alaska’s. The place is funny and catchy full of entertainment for both kids and adults. It is also known as The Golden Heart of Alaska referring to its interior location where gold was discovered in 1902. You can never hear about Alaska without the mention of Aurora Borealis, Fairbanks is usually a staging point especially for north Slope villages like oil fields of Prudhoe Bay as well as North Slope villages which still has the most excellent feeling. In the northern areas you will find out that the lights are actually solar particles blown in to earths, magnetic field. This is one of the most exhilarating things to see!
So When’s the Best Season to Visit Alaska? According to me the best time to visit is now! Although it is said the best time to visit Alaska is June 15 to July 15. By saying this is not limitation, I clearly know that not everyone can visit during these times but you can plan and visit at you own time and I assure it will be fun.  During the mentioned time is when climate is preferable which is without sunshine and during horizontal rain accompanied by winds. It is very interesting that Alaskans have purposed never to let weather interfere with their moods as well as what they have planned. There are several things you can’t afford to miss! Alaska has the best sites, hotels/ foods, not even to mention the transport in the city – it’s the best.  The following are places you can visit while in Fairbanks, Alaska:-
The Dredge, Pan for Gold
You can’t miss this! Amazing place known for Gold rush history, it is known to have been operating since 1929- 1958 with a 250ft. long opened for all visitors to explore.  This is a wonderful place whereby visitors are allowed to take and keep whatever they find.
Chena Hot Springs
Chena Hot Springs just like its name it is such a hot Spring.  When driving from Fairbanks it’s just one and half hours or less if someone isn’t stopping to look at Moose to admire and take several pictures with kids. The cost is affordable, like for an adult it only costs $10 per day.  You will also find out that, there is an ice museum for relaxation by soaking yourself hence relieving any kind of pains. We also have Pioneer Park which has interesting museums, native Alaskan village, as well as mining operations. This Chena hot Springs can be good and interesting for kids too, you don’t need to be afraid even going with your kids, it’s really nice place for them!
Talking about food, Alaska has several local foods just to start with Lemongrass, this is a favorite restaurant with Thai dining experiences like egg rolls, Tom Kha Soup, curry dishes as well as noodle dishes.  Be it breakfast, lunch and supper you will be served with quality services.  Visit and enjoy to your fullness!Top of Form
The amazing Transport in Fairbanks
Enjoy visiting Alaska with excellent transportation ever! Get started and explore adventure by air, highway or by sea.  With highway Systems you can be able to use Cruise ships with luxury as well as comfort throughout the state. You can also travel through railroad serving interior which usually runs from south Seward towards Eielson in the North. Not to forget airplanes which will help you visit many native villages of Alaska.

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