If you have decided to do the Radisson Stay One Night promo to earn 50,000 points, I’ve found a another promo that you can register for prior to your stay to add a few more points to your balance.
If you are just staying 1 night, it will give you 1,000 points.  If you are staying additional nights here is the breakdown
So before your stay be sure to register here.  Generally, you will not see me post about deals that actually require traveling to earn miles/points but in this case I felt many of us leisure travelers might be traveling during the holiday times.  I am going to be earn 100,000 points this week with two nights stays.  One is registered under my account and the other under my hubby’s account.  Unfortunately, these stays aren’t for fun travel but because I am having surgery at Stanford Hospital which is about 3 hours from where I live in San Luis Obispo, California.  Our hotel stays just got really exciting to me when this promo came out.  I knew right away we had some travel nights coming up that I could find a Radisson to stay at.  Though it’s not for a fun stay, I’m excited about how these stays will grow my “travel bank”.  I’ve also registered both of our accounts for the above offer, so I guess to be more accurate I’ll have 102,000 points after these stays.

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