Exploring Napa Valley and Calistoga

Napa Valley Wine Country

Want to seek refuge in a place that will make you forget about your worries? Go to this adorable small village in Northern California named Calistoga.
Calistoga, located in the end of Napal Valley, has been dubbed as “The Spa Capitol of Northern California.” True to its merited brand, Calistoga is home to more or less 25 mud bath spas and numerous natural hot springs visitors always look forward to. It does make sense then why people come to Calistoga and that is to do one main thing: RELAX. Nevertheless, the place still has a lot more to show other than its therapeutic spas.
Though discreet compared to all other towns in Napal Valley, Calistoga has proven that the old adage “Simplicity is beauty” is quite true. Indeed, people have come to love the hidden charm of Calistoga’s simplicity and deeply appreciate all the other beautiful things this pretty little town has to offer.
The town is at its best during the spring and fall. Of course, your day in Calistoga is never complete without relishing blissful moments inside massage therapy salons, doing YOGA, facial, spa lunch, soaking in a mineral pool or having the classic mud bath. These activities are deemed to cleanse and rejuvenate one’s self inside and out. Most importantly, they relieve stress and tension.
Besides engrossing in other exciting things like mountain biking, hiking and balloon riding, it is also inevitable to pay a visit to the various vineyards of Calistoga. It is surrounded with lots of wineries such as the newest and captivating Castello di Amorosa (Castle of Love), the peaceful Chateau Montelena, and the stunning Sterling Vineyards to name a few.
Make some leisure time visiting Calistoga’s distinguished art galleries and fun shops, too. An ideal example is Ca’Toga Galleria D’Arte, which houses the exclusive works of world famous Italian artist Carlo Marchiori. Be even more fascinated as you tour around his fancy house Villa Ca’Toga.
One of the highly recommended places for kids in Napal Valley is the wildlife sanctuary, Safari West. Nothing beats riding on safari jeep while looking at the many animals in the preserve. Another fun exploration that you can do together with the kids is trailing down the Petrified Forest Road where you can catch sights of the splendid giant redwoods. What is more interesting about the woods is that the kids will see before their eyes how silica and water transform wood into rock. A tour at Old Faithful Geyser of California can also be a great means to spark the kids’ curiosity.
Calistoga offers an extensive array of distinctive restaurants and Napal Valley dining experiences. Satisfy your food cravings with any of their delectable dishes.
When it comes to getting to and around Napal Valley, a car-free tourism is strongly advised. In place of cars, visitors may travel using fixed-route bus system, public shuttles, ferryboat, train, bicycle, or just the pleasure of walking. A car-free travel can help lessen the air pollution thus protecting Napal Valley’s grape produce, which is the source of the city’s wines.
Calistoga may just be a simple-looking town from afar, yet if you dig in deeper or get to know the place better, you will find its secret treasures: life, beauty, and serenity.

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