Experience the Glitz and Glamour in Beverly Hills

Lavishness, Entertainment and Sophistication –to the nines— are about the three magic words that make up the undeniably marvelous City of Beverly Hills.
The adjectives exciting, amazing, or memorable are not even enough if you try to describe your hideaway in Beverly Hills. The city has just more than enough of the things you wish to see and experience that spending days or even a week there would seem like a lifetime.
Beverly Hills is famous all over the world for being an impeccable representation of the so-called luxurious existence. If you dream of having your getaway like that of Hollywood stars and getting all the perks a VIP can have, go ahead to Beverly Hills.
Drown yourself in all the epic luxuries you can find the moment you step in its premises. The legendary Rodeo Drive, located within the city’s Golden Triangle, is one place where all indulgence you could wish for and the most frequented zones of many celebrities are compacted. It is a walkable community that provides every traveler excellent access to world-renowned fashion houses, boutiques, luxury shops, treatment spas and salons, one-of-a-kind restaurants, name it. Rodeo Drive is a haven where you may bump into your favorite movie stars at any given time or see their multi-million dollar mansions while on your stroll.
In Beverly Hills, you have a lot more to learn in terms of being in-style. Are you into Louis Vuitton Christian Dior, Prada, Valentino, Gucci or say Armani, perhaps Versace? Those élite brands, Rodeo Drive has them all—exclusive! You can either do your shopping spree or even a plain window-shopping can be enough for your fancying and satisfaction.
Beverly Hills has an endless list of things to do and explore! It is generally best to discover them especially around the spring and fall. Watch a movie at The Academy of Motion Pictures; replenish your total self at the most extraordinary of spas and salons; see a long array of affluent residences; or savor the amazing sights around the Golden Triangle just sitting in any of its chic cafes as you watch the latest of the world’s hottest wheels passing by. The City of Beverly Hills can really quench your fetish in cars. Lamborghini? Ford Mustang? Porsche? Ferrari? Cadillac? Rolls Royce? BMW? They are normal feast for the eyes especially within Rodeo Drive.
You can also take your loved ones down to Beverly Hills during the Christmas season and wow the kids with all the impressive decors, flares and festivities that line the streets of the ever-cheerful Rodeo Drive.
Also, the Beverly Gardens Park along Santa Monica Boulevard is a gorgeous spot not just for photographs but also for visiting the distinguished art sculptures, specialty gardens and other beauties of nature. If you really want a souvenir sign of Beverly Hills, you can find it in Beverly Gardens Park.
You know how kids always look for stuff they can engage in so be sure to bring them to Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market on Sundays. Aside from the market’s display of fresh and aromatic produce, foods, and flowers, the kids are sure to enjoy the live music and children’s activities happening in the area.
It will get even more fun too if you tour them in and around Beverly Hills on board the open-air trolley. The Beverly Hills trolley tour is quite budget-friendly plus the 40-minute tour duration will all be worth it as your group gets to admire plenty of what Beverly Hills is made of—the historical landmarks, spectacular works of art, jaw-dropping architecture such as the plush façade of five-star/five-diamond hotels like Beverly Hills Hotel, the whimsical Witch’s House, Greystone Mansion & Park, and many more.
Adding to a more unforgettable escapade in this glamorous city of Los Angeles is none other than its various unique and sophisticated restaurants. Watch out! Beverly Hills is home to several culinary icons like Curtis Stone and Wolfgang Puck. Yes! These celebrity chefs do their maneuvers in Beverly Hills and will provide you the best of their tasting menus that will keep you drooling all throughout. The privilege alone of being personally served by these great cooks will turn your dining experience one to be cherished eternally. Other than that, the tasty wines at the Heritage Fine Wines paired with the best cheese collection from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills should never be missed during your visit.
Wherever you are in Beverly Hills, you are always greeted with world-class services and sophistication—from fun and relaxation, down to accommodation. It’s no wonder why this city is often referred to as “the playground to the rich and the famous” and I could not agree more!
People who want to live in glamour and wealth without having to think much about the cynicisms of the world choose to stay in Beverly Hills. Going there only takes a few minutes drive from Hollywood. If you are from West L.A., the San Diego 405 Freeway will take you to either Santa Monica Boulevard or Wilshire Boulevard before you drive northeast into Beverly Hills.
One must also take note of the many car and limousine rentals in Beverly Hills so you are guaranteed that you can get around the city anytime you want to. Also feel free to inquire or ask assistance from Beverly Hills Visitor Center, your gateway to fully enjoy what Beverly Hills has to offer. Their concierges are always friendly and knowledgeable about everything you need to know such as the city’s tour packages and itineraries that suit your taste and budget. Though the city’s name always has “luxury” attached to it, you really don’t have to be a monarch, a famous personality or mogul to be in Beverly Hills.

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