I wanted to let you all know that I just followed my own advice and applied.  I am conservative with my applications and I like to do them in batches with only 1 per lender.  I applied last month for the new United Mileage Plus Explorer card so I didn’t want to apply for any other Chase cards until next quarter.  Unfortunately, sometimes offers disappear and don’t come back for sometime or ever.  I’ve had a few offers I like slip through my fingers and I kicked myself later.  Well, I applied at 4:30 p.m.  Got the message that my application needed further review.  Not a surprise.  Went to make dinner for the family.  Then about 6:30 p.m., I called the reconsideration line (800.453.9719) to check on my status and was hoping to get an approval tonight.  I always get nervous every time I call.  I don’t know why.  My credit scores are awesome (current 787, 765 & 795) and I have no debt.  I currently have 3 Chase personal cards open, Marriott, United Mileage Plus Explorer and the Sapphire but no business cards currently with Chase.  When you call the reconsideration line they pick up right on the first ring.  I love it!  I was greeted nicely and I just said I was calling to check on the status of my application.  The rep asked me for my social security number and then asked if he could put me on hold to review.  He came back and asked a few questions about my business.  Simple questions that were already asked on the application.  I answered the questions like I usually do. Then he asks me if I would be willing to move $10,000 of my credit line from my Chase Sapphire to this new business account.  I say that is absolutely fine because I have such a high limit that I never fully use.  He puts me on hold once more, comes back in a few minutes and tells me everything is taken care of and I should have my card in a couple days.  Sweet!  50,000 Ultimate Rewards points coming my way!  Gotta love ya Chase!!!  Now, just need to met the min. spend of $5,000.  The good thing about Ink Bold is it’s a VISA so it’s accepted everywhere unlike AMEX which sometimes you can’t use.  So guess what I’ll be paying bills, gas, groceries, and everything with………….my new CHASE INK BOLD!  Please post your success stories too!!!  Love to hear them!  

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