Well, it looks like the rumors circling around the mile and point world probably are true.  I’ve got sad news for those of you who regularly use Vanilla Reload Cards like myself.  It’s been all over the blogosphere for days now!  Instead of rewrite an article in my own words I’ve decided to repost one of my fellow bloggers, Million Mile Secrets news report.  See below

Thanks to all the Million Mile Secrets readers who commented with their experiences buying Vanilla Reloads with a credit card at CVS.  Over the weekend, news came out that CVS would stop accepting credit cards as payment for Vanilla Reloads as of March 31, 2014.  But many folks reported still being able to use their credit cards after that date!  Via Million Mile Secrets reader Lydia, there’s a new memo stating that the cash-only policy will start systemwide at CVS by April 4, 2014.

CVS Vanilla Reload Update: ALL Stores Going Cash Only By April 4, 2014

Why Everyone’s Unhappy

I’ve written about Vanilla Reloads and how you can use them to load your Bluebird account and pay for expenses (mortgages, rent, credit card bills etc.) you wouldn’t otherwise be able to pay with a credit card.  Buying Vanilla Reloads with a credit card was a good way to earn lots of miles and points and meetminimum spending requirements for new cards.  Now, folks who relied on CVS Vanilla Reloads will have to find other ways to load their Bluebird accounts, like buying gift cards with a PIN.  This is much more inconvenient because you have to go to a Walmart in person to load your Bluebird instead of just going online.

CVS Vanilla Reload Update: ALL Stores Going Cash Only By April 4, 2014

What Should We Do Now?

It sounds like people have already been buying up Vanilla Reloads at CVS stores that still sell them with a credit card.  Some folks are out of luck, because their stores already switched to cash-only on Monday or Tuesday.

CVS Vanilla Reload Update: ALL Stores Going Cash Only By April 4, 2014


Sorry for the bad news folks but remember there are so many ways to achieve creative spend.  Remember we were just given a gift last April with Visa Gift Cards – read more here.  You just need to be creative; thus why I called it, “Creative Spending”.  Doors open and doors close!  The mile and point game is always changing and we as hard core collectors just change with it and look for new strategies to maximize earnings and burning.  It’s a fun hobby and you gotta like the challenge to be really into it.  I know I do!  So you can know I’ll be search out new ways this year to be creative and I’ll share them with you as well.

In the meantime, if you have a CVS close by check the shelf and see if they have any Vanilla Reloads left and you could snag a few before the new rules start.  I just snagged $5,000 myself yesterday!

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