I wanted to posted about stackable Priority Club bonuses because I’m actually doing a paid stay tonight for this very reason.  There are a boat load of Priority club points to be earned from stays at Priority Club properties.  I generally don’t post deals that actually require travel but this is something you need to know about and be aware of so when you do actually “pay” for a room at a Priority Club property you will earn a ton of points from that stay.  Many times you are able to actually earn enough points from one stay for at least 1 or 2 nights.  I’ve earned over 20,000 points from just one night stay in the past.  It is always fun!  There is also a great promotion going on right now too that you can earn a free night from one stay.  I posted about it the other day on Miles Momma Deals – check it out here.“Winter Break, Free Night to Take”

Whenever I have a paid stay I always be sure to load up my account with promotional codes before I stay. Priority Club properties are really good for economy stays for families.  Holiday Inn is a place my family stays regularly when we are looking for just a crash pad.  Why use a lot of points for a luxury place when we don’t plan to be in the hotel but very night late just to crash.  I like to save the points for nice stays with the hubby like my stay at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills for his 40th birthday.  It was wonderful

So know you are wondering where do I find these promotional codes.  I’ll give you my sources below.  
  • Register your account for promotions using different codes.  
    Go here: https://secure.priorityclub.com/rewards/us/en/offers/promoreg/  Enter your Priority Club number and the code (see list of current codes below)
  • After registering you can sign into your Priority Club account.  Click “Manage Account” and then click “My Offer Status” (left side bar).  You should then see all the promotional offers you are registered for.  When you stay you will receive credit for all the promotions that your stay qualifies for.  
Priority Club allows you to receive multiple promotional credits for 1 stay as long as it meets the promotional requirements.  You can also earn these points on your spouses account too.  So if you are going to stay 2 nights for example, register the first night under your name and the second night under your spouses name.  This way you will earn all the bonus points for 2 accounts, and doubling your total points score!  Following me?
Listed below are a couple really good resources for these promotional codes.  Always be sure to load up your account with these codes prior to any stay.  Remember that some of these codes expire so you won’t want to input them into your account to early as they will expire.  For example, some offers say that you receive points on your next stay within 90 days.  So if you enter the code today and your stay is in 4 months from now, you won’t qualify.  So be wise about when you enter a particular code into your account.  
P.S.  You don’t receive these bonuses for reward nights.

ABSOLUTE BEST SOURCE:  www.priorityclubinsider.com



  • 6102 = Anniversary Bonus Offer 1,000 points per stay for 90 days after registration.
  • 2120 = Welcome Back Bonus 1,500 Priority Club points for one stay within 90 days after registration.
  • 3107 = New Member Bonus 1,500 Priority Club points for one stay within 90 days after registration.
  • 5109 = Next Stay Bonus 1,500 Priority Club points for one stay within 90 days after registration.
  • 8108 = 1,000 bonus points per stay for 60 days after registration.
  • 5221 = Elite member Next Stay Bonus for Platinum members earns 3,000 bonus points for next paid stay within 90 days of registration.
  • 3136 = 5,000 points 2-night Weekend Stay Bonus on Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday before Dec 31, 2012.
  • 3168 = Platinum member 5,000 bonus points for 5 nights by November 30, 2012.

Register here: https://secure.priorityclub.com/rewards/us/en/offers/promoreg/


4972 6680 6198
7716 1898 6199
4157 8020 6200
9079 4310 6201
3046 5013 4804
2009 4019 6363
2698 2101 8390
6676 2318  






Please give me you feedback on the if any of the “old codes” still work for you.  I’ve already registered for them a long time back so there is no way for me to check them.  If you do enter a code you’ve already entered it will tell you that you are already registered for the promotion.

Good luck!  Have fun and enjoy earning lots of extra Priority Club points!


  1. Thanks. i was able to add all the current offers. Attempted the first few old ones, but they were saying code invalid so i did not continue with those

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