Thought I’d write a little post on why I love Chase Ultimate Rewards Points so much.  I just convinced my husband (who does not play along in the miles/points hobby) to change the card in his wallet from Chase United Visa to Chase Sapphire.  I gave him the reasons I’ve listed below that he should switch the card in his wallet and he agreed.  Yeah!  He only likes to have two cards open period.  He doesn’t like to change his cards either but when I explained how the Chase Sapphire card rocks over the Chase United Visa he easily saw that the Sapphire was the better card.  The Chase Sapphire card really makes the Chase United Visa obsolete.  The Chase United Visa is good for the sign up bonus though.
So here is what makes the Chase Sapphire is a card I carry in my wallet and now my hubby does too!  Just got instant approval on his app today!  Yeah!  The 50,000 bonus points for the card will help out nicely with our East Coast trip next year.
FLEXIBILITY is my word when it comes to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program.  You just have so much of it with this program.  There is no question about that!  If you have both Chase Ultimate Reward points and AMEX Membership Reward points, you really are set.  Well, here’s what you can do with your Ultimate Rewards points.
  • Book travel – hotel, airfare, car rental, cruises, airport parking, 
  • buy travel gift cards,
  •  make restaurant reservation
  • book experiences (arts & entertainment, culinary & wine, sports & leisure)
  • shop for merchandise (everything from A to Z)
  • order a cash back check – 1,000 pts = $10.00, 10,000 pts =$100.00 & 100,000 pts = $1,000.00.  Here is the cash back check I recently order from my account.
  •  Pay yourself back – Turn your points into a credit on your credit card.  You designate how much the credit you will need and transfer the points.
  • Donate to points to your favorite charity
  • Transfer for on a 1:1 ratio to: Amtrak, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Hyatt, Priority Club, Korean Air, Marriott, & United Mileage Plus
  • No fee to transfer points.  American Express charges $6 per 10,000 points transferred.
  • Points transfer appear instantly in transferred account
  • You don’t need to register an account prior to transferring points like with AMEX.
  • You can transfer to anyone’s frequent flyer or reward account.  Not just your own.  This is sweet!
  • Points from their Ultimate Rewards Mall posts within the week and you receive an email confirming those points.  Sometimes you have to wait forever for points to post and end up having to email vendors to get your points.  Chase is really on the ball on this.
  • You can transfer points to your Ultimate Rewards account from other Chase cards like the Chase Freedom card.  The Freedom card is meant to be a cash back card but you can transfer your points to your Ultimate Rewards account.  The Chase Freedom card does quarterly category points bonuses for spending.  The bonus categories for October through December are: Charities, Dining, Department Stores & Movies.These can really add up and be transferred to your Ultimate Rewards account and at your disposal for all your travel needs.  If you change your mind and want cash, don’t fear because you can also receive a cash back check sent to you from your Ultimate Rewards account too.  Lastly, the Chase Freedom is a no annual fee card so you can hold on to this one.
Really the Ultimate Rewards program is quite superior to many other programs right now even it’s big competitor Membership Rewards through American Express.
Check out their demo site to see how the Ultimate Reward program functions and see for yourself the flexibility.

CHASE SAPPHIRE – 40,000 Bonus Points
CHASE FREEDOM – VISA $200 Cash Back (20,000 bonus points)
CHASE FREEDOM – MASTERCARD $200 Cash Back (20,000 bonus points)

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