With so many people hurting financially these days saving money anyway you can is very important.  We are all looking to save money and earn money right?  Well, I’ve just come across a rewards program that will blow your mind. Can you imagine being rewarded for putting money into your saving account or paying your credit card bill.  Well, imagine it because it’s a reality with the newly launched program SaveUp.

SaveUp is the first free rewards program that encourages Americans to save money, pay down their debts, and make positive changes to their financial behavior. Users earn SaveUp credits for their good financial actions and redeem them to win prizes like vacations, cars, and cash up to $2 million. By adding your bank accounts, loan providers, and credit card accounts to your profile, you collect “credits” that you can use to play for giveaway prizes. These prizes aren’t lame little nothing prizes either  Check out the prizes below that were available today when I played.  

It’s absolutely free to join SaveUp and play for prizes!  Just for signing up they give you 30 credits to start and 3 plays.  You earn more credits from saving money or paying your credit card payments.  You can pay 3 times each day.  Every time you play a game for a prize it will say how many credit it requires to pay.

You can earn more credits in many ways.  Just add a checking or savings accounts, add debt or loan accounts, watch videos related to learning about money and finance, accepting and completing challenges, and of course by paying down your debt and saving money. You can rack up lots of credit really quickly just by adding your accounts but no matter how much credit you have you are still only allowed to pay for prizes a maximum of 3 times per day.  Also note that no matter how much money your save or debt you pay off, you still only have 3 plays a day.  This is great because it gives everyone the same equal chance to earn the prizes.  Doesn’t matter if you only save a few dollars or pay off $10.  So just make it part of your daily routine.  Check email, pay your bills, and play SaveUp!  I know I’m going to make it part of my daily routine.  It only takes a few click and the rewards you can win are such a big incentive for your time!

Bottom Line
I just love this program.  It’s encourage to handle your finances in a great way by saving your money and pay off your debt while giving you such fun rewards and incentives.  The concept is just fun and motivating!  Love it!

If you are worried about the security of your accounts, that isn’t a bad thing. The good news is that SaveUp uses the same type of encryption that Mint and other financial instituions use (256-bit SSL), making it just as secure. Of course, you should always be careful with your online accounts, always watch your accounts and it’s even a good idea to have an identity theft protection membership.  I highly recommend Trusted ID.  You can try the out for free with a 14 day trial membership.  If you are doing anything online you should have this kind of protection.

SaveUp also has a cool feature called Pools.  You can add friends and family to your profile and then use them to play for different prizes. This increases your chances of winning and encourages everyone in your group (pool) to save and pay debt down.

So check out SaveUp and start having fun saving and win some cash or free trips.  I keep playing daily to win the $10,000 Caribbean cruise.  Lots of fun prizes to go for!


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